The Most Likely Scenario

May 17, 2011

Financial, Prepper Mindset

Preppers often go to great lengths preparing for most every scenario imaginable. From the classic woodland sole survival situation to the urban chaos resulting from a natural disaster, preppers take comfort in knowing that they are prepared to meet the survival challenge head on.

A Personal Disaster

But not all disasters are so grandiose. In fact thousands of people face disasters everyday; perhaps some of our friends and neighbors have faced them and we even hardly notice because it only affects them. It doesn’t intrude into our lives.

These personal disasters are no less severe, no less traumatic, for those facing them than a disaster of a much larger scale. The only difference is that it affects a very small number of people.

A personal disaster, such as the loss of a job or loved-one, affects a single individual or family. But for those going through it, it’s just as life-changing as an earthquake. It’s just a scary as a pandemic. It’s just as real as a financial collapse. Life as they know it has changed significantly.

Preparing For A Job Loss

When asked, most people will be tell you that they work for primarily one reason: to put food on the table and to keep a roof overhead. The most likely disaster that most people will encounter is not one that affects millions of others in the region, but a disaster that threatens their ability to provide for themselves. It’s the loss of a job.

How can you prepare for your own personal disaster?

  • Build a nest egg. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, spending every penny that comes in by the end of the month. That’s a tough way to live and is counterproductive to the prepper. Times are tight and it’s not easy saving money, but cutting down on some expenses, being frugal, and systematically saving money until you have three to six months of living expenses socked away is worth the effort. If you lose your job, you’ll be able to make your mortgage payment and keep the lights on until you find more work.
  • Stock up in good times. Much has been written about buying extra food every month during your grocery shopping. It makes great sense to do it; there’s no downside. Having at least six months of food in your stockpile brings the comfort of knowing that you can put food on the table until you get back on your feet again.
  • Reduce your debt. The burden of debt can be oppressive in good times. In times of financial uncertainty, the burden can become stifling and can add a tremendous amount of additional stress on an already stressful situation. Make it a priority to pay off all of your debts. Get rid of the credit card debts; pay off the student loans. The euphoria of being debt free is one that you can enjoy even if a disaster never strikes.
  • Make a plan. Preppers plan for the future; that’s what we do. So make a plan for the loss of a job. Planning involves everything from keeping your resume up to date, to identifying which luxuries you can live without should it become necessary.
  • Build your network. Just as it’s important to reach out to other like-minded people in your community as part of your prepping, it’s also important to reach out to others in your chosen field of work to prepare for a job loss. Keep in touch with former co-workers; reach out to those you meet at conferences or while working at a client’s. You never know when you’ll be able to help them find work, or when they may be able to assist you.

A Well-Rounded Prepper

Much has been written in the mainstream media about the extreme scenarios for which we prepare, portraying us as fanatical or looney. We take pride and comfort in knowing that we’ve prepared for those situations. But we can sleep better at night secure in the knowledge that we’ve adequately prepared for the most likely scenario of all.

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19 Comments on “The Most Likely Scenario”

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