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Why You Should Include Sprouts in your Preps

February 18, 2013


Bean Sprouts for your preps

Those of us in the over-35 age range probably have a bit of difficulty jumping on the “sprouts” bandwagon.  Though they lately seem to be making a more mainstream comeback, I know I associated “bean sprouts” with women who never shaved their legs or used deodorant.  This was not an a group I felt an […]

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Boost Your Sustainability Skills with Beans

February 14, 2013


beans for sustainability

Learning to rely on yourself for the things you need to survive can seem like a daunting idea. It doesn’t have to be. One of the simplest things you can do in your quest to become more self-reliant is to grow your own vegetables. This can be done anywhere no matter if you live in an apartment or have acres of land to plant a garden.

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How to Can Fresh Small Potatoes

January 15, 2013


canning potatoes

Canning is an easy and quick process that requires some fresh products, such as tender and young vegetables or fruits.When you plant your own veggies you will definitely find yourself with a certain amount fresh produce more than what you can use in cooking. When you do, then you should think of canning.

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Makin’ Bacon

January 8, 2013

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Makin' Bacon

Curing your own bacon from scratch is fun and not as difficult as you might think. You’ll need a whole animal belly; I am using a domestic organic pork belly for this recipe. Your butcher will probably have to order you one as they are rarely found on supermarket shelves.

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Delicious Squirrel & Dumplings: A Non-Contemporary Treat

December 4, 2012


Hunting squirrel

A sharp crack rang through the woods; it was the distinctive sound of a .22 long rifle being fired. A few minutes later my oldest son walked up carrying a squirrel by the tail. That was number three for the morning, enough for a good meal. Half an hour later, we had all three dressed […]

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Eating Opossums; Thank Goodness for Barbecue Sauce!

September 4, 2012


Don't forget the BBQ Sauce in your Prepping Supplies

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten? Ask that to most kids and they’ll say something like brussel sprouts or lima beans. Or maybe they’ll remember some pancakes that daddy made when he added baking powder instead of baking soda (true story). If you aren’t already privy to that well-kept secret, there’s a big […]

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Eating the Fruits of the Land: Blackberry Pie

June 29, 2012


Wild blackberries

The older two kids and I had been working hard to erect a new fence line between our property and the neighbor directly to the south of us. The summer heat combined with weeks of drought made for a difficult, nearly debilitating afternoon. Yet, we trudged on. Then I heard a the unmistakable sound of […]

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Are You Eating as Healthy as You Think?

June 4, 2012


Are those muffins made with GMOs

Eating healthy used to be straightforward. It was easy to tell the difference between “junk food” and “healthy food.” Today, it’s not so easy. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s good for you and what may have some experimental products in it. The FDA says that manufacturers don’t have to tell us. Got […]

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The Outdoor Pharmacy: Basil

May 1, 2012


Basil: a spice of life

On my list of “must have” spices, basil ranks in the top five.  It is one that you just can’t make due without for Italian-inspired dishes.  And just the thought of pesto makes me smile.  It turns out that basil is not only delicious, but it is very healthy and is said to even have […]

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Wheat, part 1: What kind do I need?

February 20, 2012


what kind of wheat to store

Just about every preparedness guide will tell you to store wheat and lots of it.  What many do not say is that there are different types of wheat and it matters which types you buy and what you do with each. Whole grains should be an important part of most people’s diets, so why isn’t […]

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