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Book Review: Terawatt

April 30, 2012


A solar EMP brings on TEOTWAWKI

I’ve noticed an increase in EMP/solar flare stories lately.  It’s a great event for a novel since the circumstances become dire so quickly and you can jump right into the action of survival.  I read another one recently that I thought you may enjoy:  Terawatt. This story is set in the summer in Texas at […]

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Surviving the Aftermath of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

March 23, 2012


the devastation caused by an emp burst

The following article has been contributed by fellow prepper Luke Lichterman. It has been published with permission of the author. It does not necessarily represent the views of Sunspots are Electro-Magnetic Pulse events The earth has always been subject to electro-magnetic events called “sunspots,” which are created by storms in the sun’s atmosphere and […]

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How to Be a Good Refugee

August 4, 2011


Can you be a good refugee?

You’ve been reading this site (and others) and you’ve heard the alarming reports in the news, but you’ve been busy and just couldn’t seem to get started in your preparedness.  Or, you’ve taken some concrete steps (you have a rain barrel to collect water and you’ve started buying extra non-perishables each month) but you live […]

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The Prepper’s Notebook

July 15, 2011


The internet provides a wonderful encyclopedia of information on every topic imaginable.  I could easily lose hours jumping from one topic to another following links in the sidebars of blogs and news articles.  I frequently download or copy and paste information into “documents” to refer to later.  But have you ever considered what you would […]

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Book Review: Lights Out

May 27, 2011


How long would it take for the foundations of society to begin to erode once the conveniences that we take for granted, that we depend on, are no longer available? What if the electricity was suddenly switched off? What if clean, drinkable water became a scarcity within a week? What if food was rationed and […]

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Book Review: One Second After

April 13, 2011


Imagine that suddenly, without warning, all electronics stopped working. Everything with an integrated circuit board simply shutdown, inoperable for no apparent reason. Cellphones wouldn’t work. Neither would televisions and most home appliances. That wouldn’t really matter; the power would be out. Planes would fall from the sky, spotting the landscape with wreckages from commercial jets […]

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