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Fire Starter From Dryer Lint

November 5, 2012


Doing laundry

As parents of many, we do a lot of laundry each day. A lot. As much as we strive to live off the grid and in a sustainable way, there are some areas of our lives where modern conveniences are simply too practical and prudent to ignore. A washer and dryer fall into that category. […]

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Adding a Zippo Lighter to Your Prepping Supplies

July 16, 2012


A Zippo in your prepping kit

Zippo lighters. They are a classic piece of Americana. It’s hard to imagine some of the classic American motion pictures without the ever-present Zippo lighter. First created in 1933 by George Blaisdell, the Zippo lighter was propelled into notoriety during the Second World War when service members began carrying them. In fact, during the war […]

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Finding Dry Firewood When It’s Wet

May 3, 2012


gathering dry wood from wet

I took my oldest two kids on a 3-day backpacking trip a few weeks ago. We hiked with some friends about a dozen miles on a trail that was rated “Strenuous.” At times there were some pretty steep inclines that we had to traverse, but overall it was a good, pleasant hike. It felt good […]

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Is Anything More Important Than Fire?

December 14, 2011


Fire has many, many uses for the survivor

When it comes to prepping and survival, there are many important skills that the prepper can and should learn. Administering first aid, foraging for wild edibles, navigating difficult terrain, and preserving food, immediately come to mind. In my opinion, fire making may be the single most important skill that a prepper or survivor can possess. […]

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Using A Magnesium Fire Starter

June 21, 2011


Despite not being one of the so called “Big 4 of Survival: air, shelter, water, food”, fire can make most survival situations more bearable. It can give you a brighter outlook, can lift your spirits, and help stoke the will to live. Fire is a multipurpose survival tool. It not only provides heat for cooking […]

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Breaking Firewood Safely

June 14, 2011


Think back to when you were a kid. How did you try to break sticks? When I Was A Child If you were sure you could break the stick, you’d probably whack it across your bent knee, listening to the loud crack as the wood splintered. But you only tried that if you were pretty […]

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Building A Fire For Warmth

May 4, 2011


Whether you’re a hiker that inadvertently strays off course during a weekend outing, or a prepper who is faced with a life-chaning TEOTWAWKI event, unexpectedly being caught in the cold without the adequate gear is a dangerous. In those situations, fire can literally mean the difference between life and death. Fire will not only provide the much needed heat […]

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Fire Making 101

April 19, 2011


Whether it’s a campfire to roast marshmallows during an overnight hiking trip with your kids or a lifesaving fire that provides warmth during an unplanned survival scenario, the ability to make fire out of whatever supplies you happen to have available cannot be overstated as a requisite skill for the prepper. There are many techniques […]

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