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On Top of the Root Cellar

September 18, 2012


on top of our root cellar

We’re giddy. Our root cellar is done! That’s right, we’ve moved many of our supplies from the nooks and crannies of our home into our root cellar. That lamp oil that was shoved behind the television? It’s in the root cellar. The tote of toothpaste tucked away under one of the kid’s bed. It’s in […]

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A Damp Root Cellar

July 30, 2012


storing root crops

It’s been quite a while since our last update on the roots cellar. That doesn’t mean that the project has stalled. In fact, just the opposite. Construction has been completed! We’re excited about our new underground storage facilities. We cannot wait to begin moving prepping supplies that we’ve stashed in our old farmhouse to the […]

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Covering the Root Cellar

April 13, 2012


our root cellar project

Winter is rapidly yielding to spring and work on our new root cellar continues. The progress has been slower than we had originally hoped, but we’re still scheduled to have it completed prior to the first cold weather crops maturing. We’re eager to begin shifting many of our prepping supplies from the nooks and crannies […]

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Building the Walls of the Root Cellar

March 15, 2012


The Walls of the Root Cellar

On one of the few non-rainy days this winter, I got a chance to get some more pictures of the root cellar’s progress.  Here you can see that the outside of the extra-thick block walls have been sealed with a water barrier to keep rain from seeping in from the surrounding soil. From a glance, […]

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Pouring the Foundation of the Root Cellar

February 23, 2012


the foundation of our root cellar

Truck after truck slowly lumbered up our quarter mile driveway to our house, each delivering an integral component for our what will soon be our primary long-term food storage location. A Cement Truck First, came the cement truck to pour the footing that will support the whole structure. Despite its subterranean walls, a root cellar […]

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Breaking Ground on the Root Cellar

January 30, 2012


digging a root cellar

The large F-450 comes rumbling up the driveway with a trailer in tow; it carries the black and yellow Case backhoe that will unearth the root cellar that Laura and I have been planning for several years now. The day has finally arrived when the first steps toward our dream for an underground storage area […]

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The Benefits of a Root Cellar

December 13, 2011


The many benefits of a root cellar

We have been reading and planning and saving for a root cellar for years now.  This has been an important part of our long-range plan for food security.  About a week ago, we finally broke ground on it and we are really looking forward to its completion.  (The kids are most excited about the huge […]

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