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October 31, 2011

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a good list of prepping magazines

If you are like us, you are hungry for information and new ideas that will help you prepare for any future.  Joe and I are avid readers of both fiction and non-fiction.  We have reviewed a few novels here on the blog, but there are some periodicals that are well worth your time also.

Magazines for the Preparedness-Minded Person

There many great magazines out there that are both inspirational and informational.  I’ll assume that you don’t have an unlimited budget and would like to see that narrowed to a few of the very best.  Here would be my picks:

Backwoods Home

backwoods home mag(Subtitled “Practical Ideas for Self-Reliant Living”).  This is a fantastic magazine that is stuffed full of articles that are right up our alley.  The current edition features an article on unplanned homebirths, reloading ammo, a chicken coop design with an automatic door, and persimmons.  (Seems like I saw another piece on persimmons recently…).

Previous issues have included topics like extending your growing season, growing potatoes in hay, storing and using wheat, cloth diapering, and washing clothes the old-fashioned way.  In addition, the Ask Jackie section provides a wealth of knowledge too.

One thing to know in advance, though, is that this magazine’s editors have a very strong political bent.  They are very vocal libertarians.  Whether you agree or disagree with their editorial sections, the information in other sections is very worthwhile.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

countryside magazine(Subtitled The Magazine of Modern Homesteading).  This is another fantastic periodical that I wouldn’t want to be without.  This one is focused slightly more on small farming, though that farm could be an acre or less- it’s all in how you use the land!

The current issue has articles on foraging for wild food, raising free-range poultry, rabbit health, and the economics of homesteading.  Previous editions have covered topics like raised bed gardening, canning apple pie filling, raising worms, whole wheat and other grain recipes, and ridding your house of pests.  Lots of great stuff!

Mother Earth News

mother earth news magazine(Subtitled “The Original Guide to Living Wisely”).  This one has lots of good things in it also.  This current issue has articles on cover crops for the winter garden, “real” milk, root cellars, raising rabbits, natural laundry soaps, and canning among other things.  Previous issues  have addressed things like a one-acre homestead, managing the worst garden weeds, greywater, raising chickens, heritage breeds of animals, and herbs.

This magazine has a reputation for being one for tree-huggers with good reason.  We have subscribed off and of for years.  From time to time, we’ve gotten tired of the propensity of articles on global warming, solar panels/cars, and the like.  We’ve re-subscribed again now that those topics seem to be taking up fewer pages each issue.  Sure, solar panels would be nice and we’d love to live independent of the power grid, but they are still out of the price range of most everybody.  Let’s talk about it again when they are more efficient and cost effective.

Update:  I realized as soon as this published that I should have included GRIT magazine also.  It is another fantastic magazine, but somehow I let our subscription lapse.  I will renew it soon.

Other Suggestions

If you have an interest in particular topics (like a species of animals, organic gardening, or frugal shopping) there is a magazine out there for you.  The specialty topic ones tend to come with pretty high subscription prices, but the knowledge you gain can make them worthwhile.

What magazines do you consider “must reads”?  Please mention them in the comments section below.

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8 Comments on “Magazines for Preparedness”

  1. Rae Says:

    This is a downright handy list – thanks! I was looking through Amazon’s list of their early Black Friday magazine subscription sales and I was wondering what some good prepper magazines may be. You’ve gone a long way in answering my question. Thanks again.


    • Laura Says:

      Sorry to be so slow in replying. I’m glad this list was helpful. Maybe on Friday or afterward, there will be some sale prices on subscriptions. If you come across any more worth mentioning, please come back and comment again.




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