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At, we strive to create unique, engaging, informative, and actionable content of interest to preppers, survivalist, and homesteaders. We appreciate the trust and time that our readers give us we do our best to adhere to the highest publication standards possible.

There may be times when other bloggers or web sites create content or pictures that we’d like to include on our site. When that occurs, we ask for permission and/or adhere to their published re-use policy.

Similarly, if you are a blogger or owner of a web site and would like to repost information from any of our blog posts, please keep the following in mind:

  • Quoting a few sentences with a clear link back to the original source article is absolutely acceptable. In fact, if you appreciate the information and want to share it with your readers, we would be delighted and it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Using italics or the block quote feature of your blog software can help set the reposted content apart. That way it’s clear to everyone that the select content is from another source. This is not mandatory, but appreciated.
  • Entering a trackback through your blog software will also let us know that you have linked to my content. Once again, this is not mandatory, but it helps us to recognize the more popular posts.
  • If you have reason to use all or most of one of our articles, please contact us first for explicit permission.  In most cases, we will be happy to allow the shared use of the content with proper citing and links. This common courtesy is expected.

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