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Handy Knots: The Vice Versa Knot

October 25, 2012


Using Cordage in Survival

Survival doesn’t often allow you to pick your time or your location. Choosing when and where you must survive is not a luxury typically afforded to most survivors. Despite our preparations, we may be thrust into survival situations where our supplies and even our health is less than ideal. It’s at times such as these where […]

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Handy Knots: The Figure of Eight Knot

June 25, 2012


Tying a figure of eight knot

Sometimes you need a good stopper knot. A stopper knot is used to prevent slippage along a rope. Often it’s used when threading a rope through a grommet in a tarp or another similar hole, but it can also be used in other scenarios as well. Creating a rope ladder or a set of hand […]

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Handy Knots: Taut Line Hitch

June 7, 2012


Using a taut line hitch

One of the challenges of using cordage to tie a line between two trees or posts is to make sure that it’s tight enough. Using a timber hitch on one end works well, but you must secure the other end so that the line doesn’t sag more than you’d like. This can be tricky at […]

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Handy Knots: The Timber Hitch

May 29, 2012


Timber hitches are useful for more than just hauling timber

As its name suggests, the timber hitch has been used for centuries by lumberjacks and others who must move felled tree and logs. Men, animals, and machines have all pulled heavy timbers using this simple knot. The hitch is incredibly secure due to its self-cinching nature. The more tension you place on the standing in […]

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Handy Knots: Two Half Hitches

May 17, 2012


The beginnings of two half hitches

Ropes, twine, and even flexible vines have multitude of uses for a prepper or survivor. They can be used to lash a shelter together, to run a clothesline, or to secure a load in an impromptu backpack. They can be pulled apart and the smaller filaments can be used as a fishing line or for […]

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Handy Knots: The Double Sheet Bend

December 8, 2011


Knowing how to tie a knot is important

Cordage has 1,001 uses around the prepper’s homestead and bug out location. And for the survivor, it’s even more important, ranking right up there with other critical supplies like a knife, a firesteel, and a container for purifying water. Cordage can be used for securing a load or fashioning a backpack, for making a sleeping […]

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Handy Knots: The Bowline

September 2, 2011


Consider this: you are stranded at the bottom of a ravine and someone tosses a rope to you  from above. You need to tie a knot to help you get out. The knot must be easy to tie, must make a loop that you can slide around your waist, and it must not slip. Remember, […]

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Handy Knots: Learning The Basics

August 1, 2011


“I can’t believe it’s gone!” Those were the words that echoed through my mind as I looked out of the back of the duck blind for the 16 foot jon boat that had brought us to the middle of the flooded soybean field. It was the middle January and a nasty storm was blowing in […]

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