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Teaching Your Kids to Homestead

November 26, 2012


Teaching Your Children to Homestead

Our oldest son grabbed his fixed blade knife along with a few other necessities for the task at hand and joined me at our processing station. We had a couple of drakes (male ducks) and a rooster that were destined for soup jars and our oldest was ready to help. It wasn’t always that way, […]

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10 Reasons to Take Your Kids Hunting

October 15, 2012


Teaching your kids to hunt

“Oooh, there are a couple of squirrels in the pecan trees. Can I go get them?” My oldest son was sitting in the family room recliner this morning still in his pajamas. He and I were the only ones awake. When he looked out the window, his morning mental fog cleared immediately. He wanted to […]

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Including Children in the Discussion, part 2

October 2, 2012


Teaching your kids about prepping

Making It Relevant to Kids It’s a scary world out there. So what do you tell the children? How can you introduce complex concepts to them in a way that they can understand, in a way that sparks thinking and contemplation in them? Yesterday, I discussed the need for introducing your kids to prepping. Today, […]

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Including Children in the Discussion, part 1

October 1, 2012


Talking to your kids about prepping

“Why don’t Iran and Israel like each other?” That’s how a recent conversation started at our dinner table. Our oldest daughter asked the question following a short discussion about recent world events. How’s that for a dinnertime conversation with your kids? A while back, I wrote a series of topics related to prepping with children.  It […]

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Making Spiders Dance: Take Your Kids Camping

July 23, 2012


making smores with your kids

Making Spiders Dance “I can make spiders dance.” That’s what I told my oldest son many years ago when I took him on his first camping trip. He was 7 years old and we’d just pulled back the tent flap on one of the canvas tents provided at Cub Scout Summer Camp. The tent was […]

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The Birth of Our Daughter

June 12, 2012


Using a midwife to deliver a baby

Laura had been having contractions for weeks; it seems to be her body’s way of telling her that the day is drawing nigh. But the contractions are only an uncomfortable precursor. With each of our pregnancies, it’s not until her water breaks that we know that the birth of the newest member of our family […]

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Alternatives to Baby Wipes

February 21, 2012


alternatives to baby wipes

We’ve talked about diapers and why it is wise to stock cloth ones.  One of the main reasons for acquiring  cloth “nappies” is because you would quickly be in a literal mess if disposables stopped showing up regularly on store shelves.  The same would be true with disposable baby wipes. Most parents are accustomed to […]

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Diaper Rash Treatment

February 8, 2012


Treating diaper rash

In this installment of the cloth diapers and prevent diaper rashes series, I have some recommendations for methods to treat and cure it as well as some products you may want to consider purchasing. Treating Diaper Rash So you’ve tried all those preventative things and still baby has a rash.  Don’t feel too badly-  it […]

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Diaper Rash Prevention

January 25, 2012


preventing diaper rash

In a recent piece, I proposed that all serious preppers should invest in a set of cloth diapers.  I followed that up with a post on how to wash and dry the diapers.  In this installment in the baby care series, I want to focus on preventing and curing diaper rash in a less than […]

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Avoiding Fear

January 24, 2012


teaching children without scaring them

Last week, I wrote a post about what you may want to tell your children about the reasons you have decided to prepare.  I only touched briefly on the topic of fear, so I wanted to give that some more attention here. There are a lot of unsettling things in the news these days.  Some […]

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