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Adding a Zippo Lighter to Your Prepping Supplies

July 16, 2012


A Zippo in your prepping kit

Zippo lighters. They are a classic piece of Americana. It’s hard to imagine some of the classic American motion pictures without the ever-present Zippo lighter. First created in 1933 by George Blaisdell, the Zippo lighter was propelled into notoriety during the Second World War when service members began carrying them. In fact, during the war […]

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Cloth Diapers, part 1

January 4, 2012


The benefits of clothe diapers

We are pleased to announce that we are expecting another blessing around Father’s Day!  So, in honor of the upcoming event, I thought this might be a good time to give a run-down of the various choices available these days in cloth diapers. The “Old-Fashioned Kind” If you were cloth diapered as a baby, most […]

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Cyber Monday 2011

November 28, 2011

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Cyber Monday Sales

If you’re like me and opted to stay far from of the chaos of Black Friday, the busiest sales day of the year for many retailers, you’ve got a second chance to get your hands on some good deals. Today is Cyber Monday, a day when many online retailers will offer great deals on their […]

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The Buzz About Honey

August 25, 2011


Honey has long been a valued foodstuff.  Unlike sugar cane and other sources of sweetness, the work is just about all done for you.  You don’t have to plant, weed, or harvest anything.  You let the bees do what God programmed them to do and you get a share.  Being the good little preppers that […]

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Get Thee to TSC

July 18, 2011


Apparently, Tractor Supply Company is having an unadvertised sale for preparedness items.  I am a bargain hunter by nature, so I always give at least a glance to the clearance sections of just about anywhere I shop.  Look at some of the fantastic things in the clearance bin now. When the world is a different […]

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