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Knowledge and Experience: Your Most Important Asset for Wilderness Survival

May 23, 2013


winter in maine

This post was written by a friend of mine, Jarhead Survivor. If anyone knows how to survive in the wild, it’s him. Check out his site – I’m sure Joe has written about this on his blog at some point because he’s an outdoorsman.  But I think it’s important enough that it gets said […]

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Putting Your Survival Plans to the Test

February 26, 2013


Hiking into the woods

Like many preppers, I carry a small backpack with me everywhere I go. It’s in the back seat when I run to the supermarket or to the office. It’s on my back when I take a hike through the woods. I don’t go anywhere without it. Call it my security blanket; just having it brings […]

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Learning from a Tragedy in Missouri

February 4, 2013


wilderness tragedy

A few weeks ago I read a story in the mainstream media that really hit me at my core. It was a small blip in the national news, but the tragedy has stayed with me. A man in his late 30’s, retired from the Air Force, took two of his sons for a day hike […]

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The 1-10-1 Rule of Cold Water Survival

December 11, 2012


surviving cold water

With a sudden and almost violent jolt, air rushes into your lungs, alerting your body and mind to the newfound reality and immediacy of the danger of your situation. If you’ve ever fallen into very cold water, you know what I’m describing. Surviving in Cold Water As autumn gives way to winter and we quickly approach […]

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Learn to Use Your Gear

November 27, 2012


Use Your Gear

“Umm, do you have some spare batteries? I need 4 AA for my water purifier.” We had just reached our first campsite. My friend had unpacked his gear, and was about to go replenish his water bottle at a nearby stream. He had opened the packaging of his brand-new UV water purifier. Reading the directions, […]

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5 Ways Your Body Loses Heat and How to Avoid Them

November 13, 2012


Staying warm

The air is crisp, crystalizing around you with each breath. A twig snaps under the pressure of your foot, echoing off the surrounding trees. It’s a brisk, beautiful late autumn morning. It’s great to be in God’s creation. But for the ill-equipped traveler thrust into survival mode due to mechanical issues with his vehicle, the […]

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Signs of Dehydration

July 2, 2012


parched earth

As a record heatwave strikes much of the country, many people are experiencing heat as never before. From New York to Nashville, from Washington to Wichita, record highs have been reached across the nation. Serving to intensify an already dire situation, a severe drought has also struck much of the United States. According to the […]

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Finding Dry Firewood When It’s Wet

May 3, 2012


gathering dry wood from wet

I took my oldest two kids on a 3-day backpacking trip a few weeks ago. We hiked with some friends about a dozen miles on a trail that was rated “Strenuous.” At times there were some pretty steep inclines that we had to traverse, but overall it was a good, pleasant hike. It felt good […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Cold Weather Survival Shelter

March 1, 2012


building a survival shelter

On a recent weekend camping trip with my oldest son, we decided to practice a primitive survival skill that is rapidly becoming a lost art in America, making a shelter using only those items that we could find in the woods. Although I don’t have any statistics to back up my assertion, I’d guess that […]

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Pacific Northwest Survival

January 20, 2012


The following article has been contributed by Rob Toledo, an avid outdoorsman and prepper in the Pacific Northwest. It has been published with permission of the author. It does not necessarily represent the views of Let’s pretend for a second… You’re in the Pacific Northwest of North America on a winter day, dropped off […]

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