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Using Traditional Skills

July 25, 2012


using traditional skills to share prepping with others

How do you share the need for prepping with your friends and local community without revealing too much? A community well organized is prepared for a disaster. They can bond together to pool resources, to provide security, to carry on as best they can in the aftermath of a TEOTWAWKI style event. But there’s a […]

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Making Spiders Dance: Take Your Kids Camping

July 23, 2012


making smores with your kids

Making Spiders Dance “I can make spiders dance.” That’s what I told my oldest son many years ago when I took him on his first camping trip. He was 7 years old and we’d just pulled back the tent flap on one of the canvas tents provided at Cub Scout Summer Camp. The tent was […]

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The Birth of Our Daughter

June 12, 2012


Using a midwife to deliver a baby

Laura had been having contractions for weeks; it seems to be her body’s way of telling her that the day is drawing nigh. But the contractions are only an uncomfortable precursor. With each of our pregnancies, it’s not until her water breaks that we know that the birth of the newest member of our family […]

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Vacationing in Hawaii – Fire in Paradise

April 6, 2012


planning for emergencies in the land of volcanos

When we first started planning our trip to Hawaii, we were more than excited. My wife was thrilled to be going somewhere so exotic and I was really looking forward to exploring a couple of the less-traveled islands and finding a secluded beach or two to just lounge the days away.

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Please Burglarize Me!

March 8, 2012


unlocked door

Think back to grade school or middle school for a minute. Do you remember the “Kick Me!” prank? You know, the one where you tried to subtly affix a sign to the back of a friend that said “Kick Me!” and had an arrow pointing to the unsuspecting person’s rear end? The joke seldom, if […]

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Slingshots: For the Small Boy in Us All

November 18, 2011


Using a slingshot, not just for kids

In days of old young boys ran free through streets and fields wielding their home made slingshots with the expertise and precision of diminutive archers. Plunking and plinking tin cans and small game, alas it seems those days are over, or are they?

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Finding Time

November 7, 2011


you cannot hurry survival

Studies have shown that the word most often heard by young children is “no.” That means parents or caregivers say “no” more often than any other thing. More than “yes.” More than “good job.” More than “I love you.” Too Busy I don’t think this is true in our household. We frequently say something else […]

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Preparing for Loss (now or in TEOTWAWKI)

October 4, 2011


prepping for a loss in the the family

Recently, we had an anniversary that no one wants to remember.  Six years ago, I delivered a stillborn baby.  He was our second son and we grieved as all parents would. There was nothing evidently wrong with our dear child and the doctors had no explanation for his death.  This side of heaven, we will […]

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Cheering Up the Womenfolk

September 16, 2011


Cheering up women with roses

Ever heard the expression, “If Mama aint’ happy, ain’t nobody happy”?  Well, there is probably a little truth to that.  Mom is often the glue that holds things together, the one who carries out a lot of the daily drudgework, and is often looked to to “make it all better.” That is an important role […]

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The Prepper’s Vehicle

September 14, 2011


The Ultimate Preppers Vehicle

Preppers always try to anticipate the needs they may have in any situation and plan accordingly.  It may seem obvious, but that should go for your mode of transportation too. The Bug-Out Vehicle Your personal transportation in the case of emergency travel is often referred to as a “bug-out vehicle.”  For some, this would be […]

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