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The Benefits of Sprouts

February 28, 2013



Everyone can use a little more nutrition in their diets.  A lot of the food available on store shelves these days is nutritionally inferior to what our grandparents ate.  From the bleached bran-less flours to the tomatoes “developed” for picking and shipping unripe, much of the natural healthy content of common foods is missing unless […]

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Why You Should Include Sprouts in your Preps

February 18, 2013


Bean Sprouts for your preps

Those of us in the over-35 age range probably have a bit of difficulty jumping on the “sprouts” bandwagon.  Though they lately seem to be making a more mainstream comeback, I know I associated “bean sprouts” with women who never shaved their legs or used deodorant.  This was not an a group I felt an […]

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The Outdoor Pharmacy, part 5: Oregano

February 7, 2013



Most of us are pretty familiar with the taste of oregano even if we are not too sure what the plant looks like.  It is almost synonymous with Italian foods we adore like pizza and lasagna.  It’s delicious and savory, but it’s a lot more than that.  We should all give it a closer look. […]

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Whooping Cough: How It Can Affect Your Preparations

December 3, 2012


Recovering from Whooping Cough

“You’ve got a classic case of purtussis, commonly known as Whooping Cough.”, my doctor said in a rather matter of fact way. The expression on my face betrayed my surprise. I’d known that the airborne disease had made a resurgence in other parts of the world, including industrialized countries such as Ireland, but I was […]

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Are You Eating as Healthy as You Think?

June 4, 2012


Are those muffins made with GMOs

Eating healthy used to be straightforward. It was easy to tell the difference between “junk food” and “healthy food.” Today, it’s not so easy. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s good for you and what may have some experimental products in it. The FDA says that manufacturers don’t have to tell us. Got […]

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The Outdoor Pharmacy: Basil

May 1, 2012


Basil: a spice of life

On my list of “must have” spices, basil ranks in the top five.  It is one that you just can’t make due without for Italian-inspired dishes.  And just the thought of pesto makes me smile.  It turns out that basil is not only delicious, but it is very healthy and is said to even have […]

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Wheat, part 3 (Alternatives for Those with Wheat Allergies)

March 5, 2012


storing wheat for teotwawki

In the first installment, I covered how to choose wheat for long-term storage and various sources.  In the second one, I gave information for growing, harvesting, and storing wheat.  This time, I want to address those left out by the first two segments- those unable to eat wheat-based breads. Defining the Problems The issue of […]

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First Aid Refreshers, part 6: Sprains and Strains

February 14, 2012


wilderness first aid: strains and sprains

It seems that at some point, just about everyone suffers from a soft tissue injury from either repetitive motion or maybe an accidental twist.  The first time I sprained an ankle was when I was five.  My younger sister had run off across a grocery store and I tore off after her (to tell her […]

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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

February 13, 2012


The benefits of coconut oil

There have been fads in cooking and diet for decades.  There was the cabbage soup diet, the oat bran craze of the late 80’s, carbophobia from the Atkins Diet, and so on.  But the element of the American diet that seems to have had the most swings in it over time is the question of […]

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Another Reason to Prepare

December 12, 2011


Close quarters camping breeds illnesses

I have dozens of reasons that I think are quite compelling for why people ought to be planning ahead and providing for themselves.  Every day, news from the Eurozone sounds worse and that will probably all trickle this way before long.  The economy here is no picnic already and even the initial happy reports of […]

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