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A 21-Piece First Aid Kit

January 24, 2013


20-Piece First Aid Kit

I spend a fair amount of time in the woods hiking, camping, and practicing survival skills. It’s nice to get out of doors and experience God’s creation first hand. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate during my outings; I haven’t experienced a serious injury or illness while in the bush. Still, I’m well aware that […]

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Using Traditional Skills

July 25, 2012


using traditional skills to share prepping with others

How do you share the need for prepping with your friends and local community without revealing too much? A community well organized is prepared for a disaster. They can bond together to pool resources, to provide security, to carry on as best they can in the aftermath of a TEOTWAWKI style event. But there’s a […]

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5 Business Skills That Will Help After TEOTWAWKI

May 10, 2012


business skills for the prepper

Preppers come from all walks of life. We are auto mechanics and doctors. We are bankers and farmers. We are construction workers and we are business owners. In our day jobs, many preppers routinely use skills that will be even more useful in a post-collapse world. Those who know how to grow crops, maintain old […]

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The Value of Licensing

January 26, 2012


what is the value of learning

Would you want to go to a doctor who passed his classes by reading Cliff Notes? Of course not. What about SCUBA diving? Would you feel comfortable learning to SCUBA dive by reading a pamphlet and without actually getting in the water? Probably not. These may be extreme examples but they illustrate a point by […]

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Specializing vs Cross-training

October 7, 2011


crossing training or specializing?

You have probably noticed that Joe and I tend to write about different topics.  What interests me the most, I absorb more quickly, have a greater depth of knowledge, and am more passionate to share with others.  The same is true for Joe.  Our complementary hobbies have given us the opportunities to focus on different […]

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