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Being Your Own Vet

January 2, 2013

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Vetting Your Animals

Most preppers put a lot of time and effort into planning ahead for the care of their family members.  We store food staples, first aid items, clothing a size or two ahead, ammunition, and so on.  That’s definitely a wise plan.  But how well stocked are you for your animals? Some medical skills are multi-species, […]

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Homestead Geese, part 2

April 17, 2012


Raising geese

My Mistakes Before I list what I feel are the pros and cons of owning geese, let me say that in retrospect, I should have done some things differently.  I did not anticipate what a pain in the neck it would be if they imprinted on me.  That was my first mistake.  If I were […]

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Homestead Geese, part 1

April 12, 2012


Getting Geese

Long time readers may remember me mentioning last spring that we were extending our animal menagerie and experimenting with ducks and geese.  A few months back, I posted some good arguments for including ducks in your preparedness plans.  In two posts, I want to share our experiences raising geese. We Were Goosed Most people have […]

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