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Learn to Use Your Gear

November 27, 2012


Use Your Gear

“Umm, do you have some spare batteries? I need 4 AA for my water purifier.” We had just reached our first campsite. My friend had unpacked his gear, and was about to go replenish his water bottle at a nearby stream. He had opened the packaging of his brand-new UV water purifier. Reading the directions, […]

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10 Reasons to Take Your Kids Hunting

October 15, 2012


Teaching your kids to hunt

“Oooh, there are a couple of squirrels in the pecan trees. Can I go get them?” My oldest son was sitting in the family room recliner this morning still in his pajamas. He and I were the only ones awake. When he looked out the window, his morning mental fog cleared immediately. He wanted to […]

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Learn New Skills with Basic Home Repairs

August 20, 2012


“I think the dryer is broken.” Those are words that no one really wants to hear, unless of course, your business is fixing other people’s dryers. As much as we strive to live off the grid on our little homestead, we do have a number of luxuries afforded us by the modern day conveniences of […]

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Skills Every Man Should Know?

May 14, 2012


Is fishing a skill men should have?

Recently, while doing some research, I stumbled upon an article by Esquire magazine. I normally don’t read Esquire. It’s not that I have anything in particular against the magazine, rather I have precious little time to devote to reading and I’ve found other magazines and sources of information that are more inline with my world […]

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5 Business Skills That Will Help After TEOTWAWKI

May 10, 2012


business skills for the prepper

Preppers come from all walks of life. We are auto mechanics and doctors. We are bankers and farmers. We are construction workers and we are business owners. In our day jobs, many preppers routinely use skills that will be even more useful in a post-collapse world. Those who know how to grow crops, maintain old […]

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Depending on Technology

March 28, 2012


depending on a gps is a bad idea

It may have started with the Xbox, the Wii, or the Nintendo gaming systems. For those of us a little older, perhaps it was the Commodore 64 or Atari systems. Maybe Super Mario is not to blame it all. Perhaps it was a Tom-Tom or an iPod. It really doesn’t matter what our first exposure […]

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A Case for Morse Code

February 1, 2012


using morse code with a telegraph machine

In 1965, Jeremiah Denton was the Commanding Officer of an attack squadron aboard an aircraft carrier positioned off the coast of Vietnam. One fateful day in July of that year, Denton and his Bombardier/Navigator took off from their floating fortress on a bombing mission over the Vietnamese city of Thanh Hoa. Their trip wasn’t what […]

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The Value of Licensing

January 26, 2012


what is the value of learning

Would you want to go to a doctor who passed his classes by reading Cliff Notes? Of course not. What about SCUBA diving? Would you feel comfortable learning to SCUBA dive by reading a pamphlet and without actually getting in the water? Probably not. These may be extreme examples but they illustrate a point by […]

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Ham Radio as a Prepping Skill

January 18, 2012


ham radio for the prepper

“Why not just get a couple of tin cans and a long piece of string? Or better yet, use smoke signals? Baaahahaha!” That’s the reaction that some people have about ham radio. In a world of cellphones with unlimited long distance, voice over ip (VoIP) that allows you to talk with someone 1/2 way around […]

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Using the Stars to Find North: Cassiopeia

December 19, 2011


using the stars to find north

I was talking with a friend recently who was lamenting the worsening of his vision. His eyesight had been slowly getting worse over a long period of time. Finally, he couldn’t put it off any longer. He went to an optometrist and got glasses. Within a year of getting, his eyesight had worsened considerably. His […]

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