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12 Prepper Gift Ideas for Under $50

December 13, 2012


Christmas Tree

As preppers and homesteaders, we stay very busy preparing for an uncertain future and maintaining our little slice of creation. Unfortunately sometimes that means some other customary activities get deferred to the another day. We don’t necessarily like it but that’s the way it is sometimes. If that’s been the case for your Christmas shopping, […]

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Carriers: Tough Moral Choices After TEOTWAWKI

December 6, 2012


“The rules are simple. At least that’s how my brother sees it. One, avoid the infected at all costs. Their breath is highly contagious. Two, disinfect anything they’ve touched in the last 24 hours. Three, the sick are already dead, they can’t be saved. You break the rules, you die. You follow them, you live. […]

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Review: America Stone

October 23, 2012


Using the America Stone

As the husband of a loving prepping and homesteading wife, I don’t receive neckties and shaving kits for Christmas and my birthday. I don’t remember the last time I got soap-on-a-rope as a gift. Instead, Laura and the kids give me things like books and videos on survival, multi-tools, and bug-out bags. I have a wonderful […]

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The Herb Companion: A Review

April 16, 2012

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As you have probably noticed from previous posts, I am a student of edible and medicinal plants.  I was delighted to find out there is a whole magazine called The Herb Companion devoted to those topics.  I put a subscription for it on my Christmas wish list and my mother kindly gave me one. After […]

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Video Review: Contagion

March 13, 2012



In June of 1918, the Spanish Flu began to spread throughout the world. By the end of 1919, just 18 months later, the virus had affected more than 1 in 4 people around the world, killing between 50 million and 100 million of those infected. At the time that was between 3% and 6% of the world’s […]

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Review: Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion

November 2, 2011


The Ka-Bar BK2 Companion Knife

Before making most any purchase, I enjoy thoroughly researching a product. I go online and look for unbiased reviews of the item, I visit to look at how other consumers have rated it, and if possible I go to local retailers to touch and feel the item I’m considering. I learned this lesson the […]

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Magazines for Preparedness

October 31, 2011


a good list of prepping magazines

If you are like us, you are hungry for information and new ideas that will help you prepare for any future.  Joe and I are avid readers of both fiction and non-fiction.  We have reviewed a few novels here on the blog, but there are some periodicals that are well worth your time also. Magazines […]

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Video Review: The Book Of Eli

June 29, 2011


My wife and I seldom see new releases at the movie theaters; when we do, it’s to vote with our dollar, to publicly support a theme or project. More often though, we wait until the movie reaches the video market and either buy it or place it in our NetFlix queue. Such was the case with […]

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