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My Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer

January 22, 2013


My Maxpedition EDC Kit

Many years ago, I made my first everyday carry kit (EDC) using an Altoids tin. Inside, I put all of the things I thought I’d need in a time of survival. I had a small candle, some waterproof matches, several fishhooks and line, ibuprofen, and even a small flashlight, among other things. Looking back, I […]

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Adding a Zippo Lighter to Your Prepping Supplies

July 16, 2012


A Zippo in your prepping kit

Zippo lighters. They are a classic piece of Americana. It’s hard to imagine some of the classic American motion pictures without the ever-present Zippo lighter. First created in 1933 by George Blaisdell, the Zippo lighter was propelled into notoriety during the Second World War when service members began carrying them. In fact, during the war […]

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Product Review: Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game

December 7, 2011


Field of wild edibles

 A few days ago, I mentioned a gift suggestion for anyone on your list who is interested in learning about edible and medicinal plants.  I want to tell you more about a good game that will help familiarize the players with many of those plants. is part of, a great site to find […]

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Product Review: Soap Nuts

November 21, 2011


Using soap nuts instead of detergent

I can hear what you are thinking-  “Okay, I can go along with making tea from mint I’ve grown or using the persimmons I find to make jam, but real soap does not come from nuts!” I was very skeptical too.  I held off trying these for several reasons (in large part because I’m annoyed […]

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Product Review: Tattler Canning Lids

October 12, 2011


tattler reusable canning lids

I have been canning for a number of years now.  I enjoy doing it and it does my heart good to see wholesome homemade food lining our cupboards.  I’ve tried to pick up more cases of canning jars every year hoping to fill every one with healthful produce from our garden.  From a preparedness standpoint, […]

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Product Review: Black Diamond Spot LED Headlamp

August 26, 2011


For years I dismissed the notion of a headlamp, sticking faithfully by my Mini MagLite for my after hours visibility needs. I considered a headlamp to be the camper’s version of a pocket protector, or at best a fad that would soon be forgotten and replaced with a new and improved gadget. I guess my […]

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Product Review: Stove-top Popcorn Maker

June 28, 2011


Last Christmas, I purchased a stainless steel stove-top (old-timey) popcorn popper from Lehman’s.  It had gotten good marks from other buyers in their comments section, so despite the price tag, I bought one as a family gift. Not Your Microwave Popcorn This was hands-down one of the best things we’ve ever gotten.  Not only does […]

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