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Learning from a Tragedy in Missouri

February 4, 2013


wilderness tragedy

A few weeks ago I read a story in the mainstream media that really hit me at my core. It was a small blip in the national news, but the tragedy has stayed with me. A man in his late 30’s, retired from the Air Force, took two of his sons for a day hike […]

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Testing Your Emergency Plan

January 28, 2013


life boat drill: testing your emergency plan

Testing your emergency plan doesn’t require you to wait for a massive storm. Simply set up scenarios that you could likely face in a real emergency. I’ll give you three possible drills you could test against your emergency plan, and think about others that match situations you could

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Car Crashes: Another Reason to Be Prepared

November 15, 2012


Using your get-home bag at a car crash

“Oh no.”, I thought. “This could be bad; really bad.” Those words echoed in my mind as I started braking and steering the car to the shoulder of the road. True story: Laura and I, along with our oldest and youngest kids, were driving along the interstate this past weekend. As we topped a small […]

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A Time to Stop and Think about Survival

August 10, 2012


Who are the great thinkers of history? Aristotle. Newton. DaVinci. These names quickly come to mind. There were many, many others as well. Some names we may recognize. Others may have been forgotten by history. Still throughout the ages, men and women have challenged conventional wisdom and have thought deeply about the questions that consumed […]

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My Best Survival Products, Part 4

May 25, 2012


Standing your ground

With the exception of hurricanes, most natural disasters will strike with little or no warning. Your family’s chances of surviving the immediate event are exactly the same, whether you have made aftermath survival preparations or not.

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My Best Survival Products, Part 1

May 7, 2012


Water is essential

Survival preparedness is all the same for any disaster aftermath. Being prepared is nothing more than providing that which you know your family needs to support survival for some period of time.

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Why Do You Prep?

April 11, 2012



You’ve seen the look. You know the one you get when you attempt to share with a family member or to a close personal friend the reasons you prep. They want to be polite; they don’t want to seem harsh or judgmental. They are your friends, after all. But they don’t share your beliefs about […]

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Protecting Yourself from Radiation

March 19, 2012


Protecting yourself from nuclear radiation

Last week, I reviewed a disaster-survival book about a nuclear meltdown and also listed some of the pros and cons associated with nuclear energy.  Regardless of how you feel about the safety and wisdom of nuclear power plants, they already exist.  There is also that outside possibility that “nukes” would accidentally or intentionally be launched […]

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The Great Shakeout 2012

February 7, 2012


devastation after an earthquake

At 10:15am CST, 2.2 million people across 9 states will seek refuge from a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault. People will drop to the ground before the shaking topples them, they will take cover under a sturdy object like a table or beside a bed, and they will hold on until the shaking […]

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Winter Driving: Be Prepared for the Unexpected

January 23, 2012


winter snow

As I peck away at the keyboard while writing this post, a harsh wind howls just outside my office window. The snow is blowing laterally, seemingly defying gravity, if only for an instant. It’s cold outside and I’m very happy to be in a warm, dry home right now. It Could Happen to You I […]

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