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Follow Up: Can Morality Be Legislated?

August 28, 2012


What is the purpose of the law

Last week, I posed a question. Can morality be legislated? In it, I encouraged you to draw a distinction between two types of laws. Two Types of Laws Some laws are designed to protect a person’s liberties. For example, laws that prohibit stealing or murder are designed to protect a victim from having their liberties infringed […]

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Can Morality Be Legislated?

August 23, 2012


legislating morality

Today, I’d like to explore a topic that, while not directly related to prepping, does influence the direction that the United States is heading and thus it also affects our need for prepping. My intent for this post is to challenge your thinking and start a conversation in the comments section below. How about it? Are […]

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Prep Question: How to Get Started in Prepping for $1,000

February 15, 2012


how to spend your tax refund on prepping supplies

As tax time approaches, many of us are getting our financial documents in order for the April 15th deadline, just two months from now. We’re collecting our receipts and organizing our deductions, making sure that we have all of the necessary information to paint a complete picture for our annual returns. This got me to […]

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