The Herb Companion: A Review

April 16, 2012

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As you have probably noticed from previous posts, I am a student of edible and medicinal plants.  I was delighted to find out there is a whole magazine called The Herb Companion devoted to those topics.  I put a subscription for it on my Christmas wish list and my mother kindly gave me one.

After receiving a few issues, I am hooked and believe this is something every serious prepper should consider subscribing to.  Just listen to the cover topics from the two issues I have sitting in front of me:

  • Grow Your Own Garden That Heals
  • 5 Heart-Smart Recipes That Lower Your Cholesterol
  • Make Your Own Cough Drops
  • Time Tested Medicine-  Grow Ancient Herbs at Home
  • Ease Arthritis with Herbs
  • Calm Your Skin with Homemade Salves
  • Heal at Home-  Easy Folk Remedies
  • 30 Best Herbs for Good Digestion
  • Get Vitamins with Spring Greens

Add to that regular sections on questions and advice for growing herbs, herbal use for pets, and making your own safe cleaning products.  There are also 

The Herb Companion

recipes for using the herbs in new and delicious ways.  What a fantastic resource!

The pictures are beautiful and the presentation makes it all seem very doable, even for the beginner.  The ads included are for many things that could be useful for a prepper too- grain mills, family-owned seed companies, garden gear, alternative medicine, nutritional supplements, and other magazines of interest to the homesteader or prepper.

I’d suggest you pick up a copy at a farm supply or book store and see if you aren’t sold on it too.  I’ll be saving these issues for future reference because I feel they will be very valuable.

Do you get this magazine?  What do you think?  Has the information been helpful to you?  Please comment.

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One Comment on “The Herb Companion: A Review”

  1. Abdel Says:

    THANKS I will be sending this to a lot of ppleoe. I have lived in Ohio, Florida, California and now North Carolina, I have llearned to being without for a few days, so I am always prepared. I just cannot convince ppleoe. This letter will do it. THANKS again


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