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Government Debt: Another Reason to Prepare

February 16, 2012


financial road closed

The Gross Domestic Product, the Consumer Price Index, the National Debt, and even the Annual Deficit. What do all of these economic indicators really mean? Or does it really matter? Wouldn’t those in Washington tell us if things were really bad? Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the specifics of how we are […]

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Preparing for Loss (now or in TEOTWAWKI)

October 4, 2011


prepping for a loss in the the family

Recently, we had an anniversary that no one wants to remember.  Six years ago, I delivered a stillborn baby.  He was our second son and we grieved as all parents would. There was nothing evidently wrong with our dear child and the doctors had no explanation for his death.  This side of heaven, we will […]

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The Bandwagon Changes Direction

August 12, 2011


I guess if there is one thing we can count on the mainstream media to do, it is to go whichever way the wind is blowing.  They sell what they think we want to buy (or at least whatever certain politicians want us to buy). Just Cool Breezes For 2 years now, they have been […]

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Making the Most of Resources

August 11, 2011


I had an experience a few days ago that I want to share with you. I think it is probably pretty typical of “American thinking” these days, but I’d like to hear your feedback too. My Experience I was in line at a StuffMart, putting my carefully planned tax-free purchases on the conveyor belt while […]

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Parable Of A Good Man; Do You Know Him?

July 13, 2011


There once was a man. A good man. A kind and generous man. He regularly gave money and gifts to friends and family. Some even said he was generous to a fault, giving more than he could actually afford. But he gave out of the goodness of his heart. Despite his generosity, many did not […]

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Returning To Grandma’s Wisdom

June 2, 2011


For many things, change can be good. Changes brought about by progress can provide many benefits. Advances in medicine have saved countless lives and have improved the quality of life for many others. Cars have gotten safer, science has advanced our understanding, and more information is now readily available than ever before. But in areas of […]

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The Most Likely Scenario

May 17, 2011


Preppers often go to great lengths preparing for most every scenario imaginable. From the classic woodland sole survival situation to the urban chaos resulting from a natural disaster, preppers take comfort in knowing that they are prepared to meet the survival challenge head on. A Personal Disaster But not all disasters are so grandiose. In fact […]

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Finding Money

April 26, 2011


We all have our familiar routines, things we don’t even give much thought to, but we just do out of habit. It might be the drive-thru dinner on the way home from work, the soda from the checkout fridge case, or cigarettes. I’d like to challenge you to really think about where your money goes […]

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Get Out Of Debt While You Can

March 23, 2011


Debt, even under the best of circumstances, can be stifling and worrisome. It can lead to many sleepless nights fretting over how to make the next month’s payments. Problems with debt are even more profound when the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) happens. Our current way of life depends on a […]

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