The Bandwagon Changes Direction

August 12, 2011

Current Events, Financial

I guess if there is one thing we can count on the mainstream media to do, it is to go whichever way the wind is blowing.  They sell what they think we want to buy (or at least whatever certain politicians want us to buy).

Just Cool Breezes

For 2 years now, they have been spouting the company line about “the recovery” and using their “happy voices” to report anything that is even marginally encouraging, often making more of it than it truly is.

Two weeks ago, I heard the most ridiculous anecdotal poll of the president’s approval rating where (no surprise) everyone included in the story said things like “he inherited a hard situation” and “he’s doing as good a job as anyone could.”  The strongest negative sentiment aired was “after this debt ceiling issue, it will be nice for him to have his 50th birthday to distract from it.”

So, to hear them present it, NO ONE in this country thinks we’ve been on the wrong course.

The Wind Changed

Then came the S & P downgrade of the US.

At first, they tried to discredit S & P.  By Monday afternoon, the stock market had plummeted and I couldn’t get over the new song they were singing.  It must have finally occurred to them that they would be considered completely irrelevant if they didn’t acknowledge the truth.

All day Monday, I was floored to hear reporters and commentators using phrases like “long-term instability,” “dim outlook for our big economic problems,” and “the Great Recession we’ve been in.”  Since when?  Last week it was all rainbows and roses.

I expect they will blow back the other direction again before long.  The liberal outfits that own them will only allow so much peeking behind the curtain.

The Moral

If I’d had any doubt before, the past week has confirmed for me that the mainstream media cannot be counted on to provide you the information you need in a timely fashion.  They are screening your news and deciding for you what you need to know and when.

Take what you hear with a grain of salt (the whole salt shaker depending on what news source you listen to) and keep your ear tuned to some reliable alternative media sites. The MSM will only tell you what can’t be hidden anymore and by then, it will be too late.

Please use this slip-up by the MSM to fuel your resolve to get your preparations squared away.  If even they have to admit that our economic situation is scary, you know it must be bad.

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10 Comments on “The Bandwagon Changes Direction”

  1. Joe Says:

    There’s also the “It’s time to move on to the next story.” effect aka “We’ve talked about this so much that the public is tired of hearing about it.”

    For example, the Fukushima disaster is still far from over. It won’t be over for many years and it’s consequences are far reaching. There are continual new discoveries about tragedies from the disaster but it’s not being reported in the press because it’s old news; no one wants to hear about it anymore. That leads the public to think it’s all over.


  2. SurvivalWoman Says:

    It is my opinion that the MSM has one goal and only one goal: provide entertainment to the public in order to drive ratings and therefore drive advertising revenue. That said, it would be foolish to disregard them completely since they still provide a viable vehicle for the rapid dissemination of emergent information.

    That said, everything – and I mean everything – made public should be evaluated for what it is. Are there hidden goals or agendas? Is the so-called news written with a slant to serve special interest groups? Or does it simply not jive with what you observe around you?

    Take your investigation one step further by going to the alternate news sources available online and elsewhere. Observe the world and life around you and come to your own conclusions using logic and sound facts. More often than not, your own assessment with be the correct one.


    • Joe Says:

      Yes, SurvivorWoman. The old days of journalism being an honored and noble profession are behind us. It’s more about entertainment and ratings than anything.


  3. Jarhead Survivor Says:

    If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know how I feel about the MSM. Joe hit on the ahead above when he says they only report what we want to hear. I agree with Survival Woman that they’re a necessary evil; however, I take everything reported with a grain of salt.

    Let’s not forget what they don’t report on as well. For instance, I haven’t seen any stories on Ron Paul coming in 2nd. His name is mentioned because he’s there, but on the front page there’s barely a hint of him anywhere.


    • Joe Says:

      Great point, Jarhead. I was telling Laura after the straw poll that Paul’s second place finish (by one percentage point) would be devastating to his campaign. No one will talk about his second place finish; all of the buzz will be about the Bachmann’s win. Had he won by one point or even tied, it would have been a huge boost. I’m also a bit surprised about the lack of talk about Romney’s dismal showing.


      • Jarhead Survivor Says:

        The press definitely have their favorites, that’s for sure. They’re manipulating the news by not reporting something in this case. Man, I get mad just thinking about it!


        • Joe Says:

          Yeah, I’m with you, Jarhead.

          I heard one commentator say after the straw poll “This straw poll has effectively narrowed the field down to three potential candidates: Bachmann, Perry, and Romney.”


          Bachmann I can see; she had the strongest showing. Perry wasn’t even on the ballot, but managed to get 3.6% of votes in a write-in effort. So that is pretty impressive. Romney came in a distant 7th, behind a candidate who wasn’t even on the ballot! Yet, he’s been anointed the de facto candidate to beat.

          I don’t understand. Well, I guess sadly I do and that’s what’s sad about the state of the MSM.




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