Friday Five for February 1, 2013

February 1, 2013

Friday Five

Friday Five for February 1, 2013

For the first time this year, entertainment didn’t dominate the news this week. Immigration reform and politics took to the forefront in the news. Nevertheless, we found some good information for the prepper/homesteader that didn’t make the primetime newscasts.

Here’s what we’re reading this week for Friday Five from PreppingToSurvive: reading people and knowing when they are lying is a great skill to develop, DHS wants to buy 7,000 “personal defense weapons” with 30-round magazines, making lye from wood ash for homemade soap, British medical advisor warns of apocalyptic drug-resistant diseases, and 12 tips to avoid being carjacked.

How to Read People

Is he lying?Can you tell when someone is lying to you? It’s a good skill to have now when all that’s at stake is knowing when a friend is keeping something from you. But in an end of the world situation, it could very well save your life. Knowing how to read a person’s body language and determine whether they are sincere or not is a great prepping skill. Greywolf has a good article to get you up to speed quickly. From GreyWolf Survival.

For DHS, It’s a Personal Defense Weapons; for Us It’s an Assault Weapon

DHS needs assault weapons?While Senator Diane Feinstein works to create a permanent ban on “Assault Weapons”, the Department of Homeland Security has published a Request for Proposal (RFP) for “Personal Defense Weapons” with 30-round magazines that are  “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.” From The Blaze.

Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases Post Apocalyptic Threat

drug-resistant diseasesAccording to Great Britain’s most senior medical advisor, a new breed of drug-resistant diseases pose a world-wide threat as real and as dire as economic or terrorist threat. According to Johnson “We are becoming increasingly reliant on antibiotics in a whole range of areas of medicine. If we don’t have new antibiotics to deal with the problems of resistance we see, we are going to be in serious trouble.” From The Guardian and BBC News Health.

Making Lye From Wood Ash

making lye for soapAs preppers, we stock up on supplies that we we’ll need in the coming days of scarcity. However, as deep as our larders may be, there’s a chance the TEOTWAWKI event may outlast our supplies. That’s why it’s important to gain the necessary skills now to return to a much simpler lifestyle. The Great Northern Prepper shows us how to make lye for soap. From the Great Northern Prepper.

12 Tips to Avoid Being Carjacked

avoid carjackingSometimes, things that can go without saying should be said anyway. Such is the case with common sense approaches to avoid being carjacked. Park in well lit areas, make eye-contact, and don’t be afraid of getting a moving violation while evading your aggressors are three of the tips in this Prepper Skills post. From Prepper Skills.

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    But Keri agrees that there are “fiber benefits of yacon syrup. But in the 1500s manufacturers began refining sugar cane so that it could be more easily transported overseas, especially back to Europe.



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