3 Subtle Points from the Glock Ad

January 31, 2013

Security, Self Defense

Glock ad

Have you seen latest Glock video ad?

At first glance it’s a bit silly. It features a scantily clad girl, at home, alone, watching television. She hears a noise outside that disturbs her but continues watching the boob-tube anyway. The scene is reminiscent of a B horror movie; you almost expect a friend to come over and the two of them will have a pillow fight in the bedroom.

But the silliness doesn’t end there. There’s the clean shaven aggressor who obviously means the girl harm, yet he faints at the end.

Sound silly? It’s is. Have a look for yourself.

A Deeper Look

As silly as the ad may be, Glock’s marketing group subtly conveyed three important messages in the video.

There’s No Reason to Call the Police

First, there may be times when a call to the local police department is not warranted, yet you’re in very real danger. You know something is amiss, but if you were to call the police, you couldn’t really explain why you suspect you’re in danger.

At times like these, go with your instinct. You can sense that danger is right around the corner; be prepared.

Calling 911 May Not Save You

As the saying goes “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” This is not a slight at the police, not at all. I respect the police force in my community. However, they cannot be everywhere. We don’t each have a personal body guard to protect us and it will take some time for a police cruiser to arrive at your house.

When there is an intruder in your home, calling 911 will not get the police there in time to save you.

Protection Doesn’t Have to be Lethal

Sometimes simply owning a handgun is enough. Not every dispute, not every altercation, not every confrontation has to be deadly. Sometimes just showing the aggressor that he now has skin in the game, that you are not easy target, is enough to avoid the conflict.

What do you think? Is this an effective ad? Or is it too silly to take seriously. Whatever your thought, I’m pretty sure we won’t see it during the Super Bowl on Sunday. 

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7 Comments on “3 Subtle Points from the Glock Ad”

  1. Pat Says:

    love it!! Gets the point across very well. Hope the feds see and understand it!


  2. S. Hamilton Says:

    Reblogged this on Ninjutsu and Martial Arts Self Defense – Todai Bujinkan Dojo and commented:
    A very good article on the merits of owning a firearm for self-defense, based on a (slightly silly) commercial for Glock.


  3. S. Wilson Says:

    I appreciate your comment about the police in your town. Please remember also that with the budget situation in most places these days, Law Enforcement is cut very thin. An agency with a few officers on duty that are tied up on other important calls extends the time that they can respond to your emergency. More and more we will be required to handle our own situations, at least in the short term.


  4. David Rice Says:

    I couldn’t watch: “This video is private.”


  5. John Says:

    When you consider that the average response time for a 911 call is between 11 and 120 minutes you have to consider self protection. Just my two cents.



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