Happy Labor Day!

September 3, 2012

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Labor Day 2012

Today is Labor Day, the traditional end of summer.

Unlike Memorial Day, it’s counterpart that marks the unofficial beginning of summer, Labor Day was designed to be a time of celebration, to acknowledge the hard work and determination of the American worker. It’s a day off from work to be used for parades, sporting events, and lazy days at the lake.

This Labor Day I’d encourage you to mix a little prepping in with your holiday plans. I’m not suggesting all worry and no play. Not at all. I’m suggesting that you have fun while practicing your prepping skills.

For example:

  • Go to the shooting or skeet range and have some fun with your spouse.
  • Instead of just having an outdoor barbecue, why not practice your primitive cooking techniques and cook over the open flame of a campfire or use a Dutch Oven to bake a cobbler.
  • Grab your Bug-Out Bag and take the family on a hike and have a picnic at a nice overlook with a great vista.

These are just a few ways you can easily get a little practice for TEOTWAWKI while having family fun.



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