Obama, Romney. It Makes No Difference to Me

August 27, 2012

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I may catch some flack for this post from many in the prepper community. I hope you won’t stop reading at the title and will follow through to hear my rationale.

The Two-Party System

As the Republican National Convention gears up this week in Tampa, Florida, the Romney/Ryan ticket is positioning this November’s election as one of the most important in U.S. history. Romney claims to have more private sector experience and contends that will help him manage the economy. Up and coming Ryan is steeped in economic theories from the likes of Ayn Rand and Jack Kemp.

They believe that this gives them a different perspective on the U.S. economy than someone who hasn’t had that experience. They are desperately trying draw a significant distinction between their campaign and their primary rival’s campaign, the Obama/Biden ticket. They claim that the President doesn’t know how to properly manage the economy.

Meanwhile, the Obama/Biden ticket is pleading for another four years so they can take the country even further down the path they believe is best. This generally includes a more liberal agenda with a broader social safety net, higher taxes, and bigger government. They portend that a Republican victory will be a disaster and will lead to more debt, more big businesses making the rules, and less taxes for the rich.

The problem is that, in my opinion, there is very little true distinction between the two parties anymore. Both parties realize that they have staunch supportors in their camps who won’t change their minds not matter what happens.

So they battle for the “undecideds” by easing toward to the middle. Once they get into office, they find that the inertia to continue the status quo is so great, they cannot make the few changes that they’d really like to make.

3 Reasons It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins In November

Here are 3 reasons I believe that it doesn’t really matter to me who wins the Presidential election of 2012.

The President Has Little Control Over the Economy

Although Presidents have won or lost re-election bids over the state of the U.S. economy, in actuality, the President has very little immediate influence over the economy.

Oh, they claim to be able to help it. They claim that they will create over 3 million jobs with a stimulus package. But the reality is that their policies can only affect the economy many years down the road. They can implement business-friendly environments, but that won’t be felt for at least 5 years down the road.

According the University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee:

I think the world vests too much power, certainly in the president, probably in Washington in general for its influence on the economy, because most all of the economy has nothing to do with the government.

The economy with trudge on regardless of which candidate is a the helm.

Neither Candidate Will Touch Entitlements

According to the Heritage Foundation, 62% of all money spent by the U.S. government in 2012 will go to Entitlements. All of the money spent on defense, homeland security, park rangers, federal buildings, Presidential vacations, education, and paying interest on the U.S. debt comes to only 38% of the money spent.

Trimming a few million from NASA, cutting the number of park rangers, and shrinking the amount spent on foreign aid or wars, will make almost no difference in the bottom line.

The vast majority of the money spent is in the form of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, along with unemployment, food stamps, and housing assistance. Until the nation deals with that issue, the U.S. will continue to race toward the economic cliff that awaits before us.

I don’t believe that either major party candidate has the stomach to deal with that fact.

We Prepare for Many Reasons

Laura and I prepare for many reason and many types of disasters. We have built up our coffers with supplies of food, vitamins, first-aid supplies, etc, to provide for our family in times of need.

It may be that we need those supplies due to the loss of a job. If so, we can go several months drawing from the food we have stored. That helps me to sleep at night, knowing that my family won’t go hungry should I have trouble making ends meet.

It may be that there is a local disaster such as a loss of power due to a storm. If so, we are prepared. A regional disaster such as a flood, tornado, or hurricane? We’ve prepared as best we can. We don’t just prepare for global disasters such as a worldwide economic collapse or an EMP.

In any of those disasters, from the most personal to the most widely spread, I don’t expect that whoever the President of the U.S. is will make much difference to us.

We Will Continue To Prepare

So, it truly doesn’t make any difference to us who wins the 2012 Presidential election. Our outlook on life will not change. We will continue to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We will continue to strive to make our little slice of creation as self-sufficient of a homestead as possible. We will continue to raise our children to be self-reliant and to extend a helping hand to others who are down on their luck. None of that will change as a result of the election.

That’s not to say we will not be affected by the outcome of the election. We will.

A President can implement policies that will affect us. Gun control policies, bigger and more invasive government bureaucracies, Supreme Court nominees, etc, can all affect our daily lives.

In fact, my personal belief is that the two party system needs work. I’d like to see a third or even fourth party evolve to make things more interesting. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

As for November? I’m going to vote my heart. I’m going to make a statement with my vote and cast my ballot for someone from outside the two major parties.

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13 Comments on “Obama, Romney. It Makes No Difference to Me”

  1. Mike Says:

    I am with you entirely…I don’t think it really matters who wins; they are all bought and paid for.


    • Joe Says:

      The current system makes it nearly impossible for someone who has the heart and determination to really change things to actually get elected.


  2. Brian Says:

    I believe there is at least one reason to vote for Romney—if for no other reason:
    there will be potentially two (2) supreme court appointments taking place in this next term.
    With obama, it is certain that he will appoint ‘gun’grabbers’ and then they will have the majority.
    You can speculate that Romney might foolishly appoint ‘gun-grabbers’, but he won’t want to offend all of the gun owners cause he will want to get re-elected… I think
    the odds are much better going with Romney if we wish to retain our 2nd Amendment Rights.
    In addition…at least Ryan has a plan to address reducing the cost of our entitlements where obama’s plans do NOTHING TO ADDRESS ANYTHING—OTHER THAN RAISING TAXES!
    Ron Paul is the Barry Goldwater of our time….let’s hope his successor is similar to Goldwater’s—Reagan!


    • Joe Says:

      Supreme Court Justices are one of the most lasting and impactful things a President can do. You make a good point. If everyone voted their heart, tho, I wonder how things would be different.


  3. Stan Morris Says:

    Full disclosure: I will vote for Obama. You’ve made some really great points. The President has no effect on the economy. None. Zip. I always am amaze at how many people think the President has the kind of power to pass legislation to spend money. Have they ever read the Constitution? Presently, we have two significant political parties, the Democrats, the party of tax and spend, and worse,the Republicans, the party of borrow and spend.

    This cannot continue, we don’t have the tax base to support it, and to be blunt, this includes military expenditures. The good news is that as the baby boomer generation dies off, the expenditures for entitlements are likely to decrease.

    The reason for the immediate crisis is that the politicians in neither party believes this is a crisis. Imagine if at the beginning of 2009, the Republicans had agreed to repeal some of the Bush tax credits. Their base would have howled, but it would have shown the nation that they recognized we face a crisis. Imagine if at the same time, the Democrats had proposed a three year moratorium on Environmental Impact Statements and used all the stimulus money to begin repairing infrastructure. Their base would have howled, but it would have shown the nation that they recognized we face a crisis. Imagine the President had ordered an immediate shut down of all national parks, national monuments, and other national recreational areas. The whole nation would have howled but it would have shown the nation he recognized we face a crisis. None of this happened, because none of them truly believe we face a crisis.


    • Joe Says:

      Thanks for your comments, Stan. I always enjoy discussions with level-headed people who can discuss issues with an open mind.

      You’re right, the base of each party would be very vocally upset if their candidate took actions to change the course our nation is heading.

      According to one economic study that I read recently, America would have to raise taxes by 64% or cut spending by 40% to deviate from the coming economic crisis. I just don’t see that happening.



  4. scrambo Says:

    In the whole I agree with you. we are headed down the road to new world order and i dare say rominey want stop it. he might slow it down a bit. in order for the NWO to take control it will require unprecedented amounts of regulation and squeezing most of us american independent small business folks out. obummer has started this process through executive orders and ordering agencies like epa, osha, and soon irs as well as others to crush business in amerika with redtape. the book, ” fool me twice” documents the plans that the progressive movement has for obummers second term. i don’t think rominey will promulgate a lot of this hogwash. it would be nice to see obummer booted. in the whole realm of things you are right. it don’t matter. 200 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities is a default scenario any way you cut it. better put up some bullets and hardtack cause your gonna need it…hopefully later than sooner. !


  5. Tony B. Says:

    Spot on !



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