Handguns: The Ultimate Tool for Self Defense

August 31, 2011

Self Defense

The following article has been contributed by Madison Parker of It has been published with permission of the author.

When it comes to defending yourself, a handgun really is the ultimate tool. The fact of the matter is that a home security system is a deterrent that can be overcome, and hand-to-hand combat training only works in certain circumstances. Whether you’re talking about stopping a burglar or whether you’re talking about someone who’s threatening to harm you or your loved ones, a handgun can be the one thing to save the day.

Here are some of the reasons handguns are the ultimate tool for self-defense:

  • Versatility. As long as you follow the proper laws and procedures, a handgun can offer you protection almost anywhere. To be sure, there are some instances in which you can’t carry concealed. However, a handgun is much more portable than another type of weapon, and offers protection when you’re away from home.
  • Effectiveness. If you choose the right handgun and you know how to handle it, it will put your target down fast. The only self-defense tool that may be more effective than a handgun in terms of putting an end to what’s going on is a shotgun or perhaps a rifle, but those guns lack the other features that handguns provide. Certainly, a handgun is much more effective than any sort of pugilistic self-defense techniques.
  • Peace of mind. In some ways, self-defense is all about knowing you can handle any situation that comes. When you’re trained in the use of a handgun, can fire it effectively, and know how to handle it safely, it offers a level of peace of mind that you can’t get simply by installing a home security system or some video cameras in your home.

You’ll notice a common thread running through these ideas. For a handgun to truly be the ultimate tool for self-defense, you need to know how to use it. You need to be comfortable with the way it handles, and be able to hit a target. You need to follow all of the basic safety procedures so that the handgun doesn’t become a liability. Finally, you need to make sure you’re carrying legally, and know which situations don’t allow for it or just don’t call for it.

Image Credit: Flickr

This is a guest post by Madison Parker. Madison is an expert writer on subjects related to home security systems. Read more on her blog at

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17 Comments on “Handguns: The Ultimate Tool for Self Defense”

  1. Arsenius the Hermit Says:

    I like that picture. I own two ParaOrdnance guns. One is the P14 in the picture, though mine is stainless, the other is a P16 in .40 S&W. I have plenty of mags for the guns, and love them to death.


    • Joe Says:

      Good weapons, Arsenius.

      I own a number of handguns; my current favorite is the Springfield Armory xd-40. Fits in my hand well, shoots well, and is durable. The only downside is that it’s a bit hard to carry in a concealed manner.



  2. Arsenius the Hermit Says:

    Joe, I carry a Taurus 92, a Browning High Power, Sig P226, or Kimber Custom II these days, depending on my mood. If it’s too hot to wear a vest, so I can’t hide my shoulder rig, I carry a stainless Walther PPK/S in a leather “inside the belt” holster. I think I’d get muscle strain if I tried to carry the P14.


    • Joe Says:

      What IWB holster do you use? I bought a SuperTuck from CrossBreed Holsters for my 40 cal. I like it a lot. Going to write a review of it at some point.


  3. Sharky Says:

    First, I’d like to state I have been academy and stressed trained and I think I make good decisions in stressful situations requiring critical reasoning quickly.

    I carry what I like for now and have been since about 2003. It is on almost no one’s carry list for several reasons, but it works for me, is dependable and I can shoot it very well. It is a 10mm. I don’t want to discuss merits of this cartridge too much except to say it’s my personal favorite.

    unfortunately, in SHTF, it will be replaced by one of the other more common calibers. I have practice and lots of experience with my old basic 1911 in 45acp and a smaller back up in the same caliber. I actually prefer 9mm for survival, but math and physics dictates more fluid will leak from a larger hole given all things equal. I have never witnessed a .45acp making a smaller hole, but I have seen too many instances of smaller calibers not expanding. So I keep it simple with the trusty old .45acp plain Jane.


  4. mike I Says:

    i love weapons..i’m ex army… having said that… i must say, for those who are not aquainted with any type of weapon, hand guns were meant for up close defense. at 20 m or less. a rifle is for longer distance 40 m and more. shot guns shooting shot are for the in between distances giving you a better chance for a hit. if you see the article here best 3 guns to have… it further examines in detail the specifics…


    • Joe Says:

      Thanks, Mike I! As ex-Army, I’m sure you have a lot of great perspectives.

      Here’s a link to the article I think you referenced.



      • mike I Says:

        thanks Joe and that was the link i was thinking of… now some people can barely afford food week to week… let alone having to shell out near $2000 for 3 weapons. then they must decide for their on situation if they are buggin in or out. how big of and area you have to protect… truth is evading and avoidance of shooting is better unless you are definately live are in danger…. if you have to run.. you can find water, you can other food and shelter but you can’t find another life once lost


  5. home defense products Says:

    Thanks designed for sharing such a nice thinking,
    piece of writing is good, thats why i have read it completely



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