Ready, Aim, FIRE: Ladies, Get Proficient in Shooting

May 19, 2011

Self Defense

I understand reluctance to handle guns.  I was very much that way, and still am really, but it’s time to get past that.  These are already dangerous times we live in.

The Realities

Are you aware that fully one-fourth of women report being sexually assaulted before the end of college?  There are approximately 40 murders a day in the US.  And that is during these “good times.”  Knowing those statistics makes me re-think my safety.

In a time when people are under extra stress, may be desperate for a fix, or even just food, what could they be capable of?  I shudder to think about it.

Changing My Mind

After giving some thought to those possibilities and especially after considering all the blessings (children) God has given us that it is my job to protect, I decided to finally do some target practice with Joe.

He patiently invited me many times but was not overly pushy.  He shared his concerns with me and eventually I concluded that he was correct.  Although I hope I never have to shoot another human being, I will not willingly be a victim either.  And I will not sacrifice my children’s safety for my preference not to carry a gun.

One thing that really woke me up to my vulnerability was when one of my sisters accompanied me out to run errands with our toddler son.  After struggling to get a cranky two-year old buckled into his carseat when he didn’t wish to be, my sister said, “Promise me you will never do that again!”  “Do what?” I asked.  “Stand with your back to a parking lot, completely distracted if someone approached, while there are no witnesses around to see if you are carjacked or worse.”  I began to think more about what she said.  I now have a concealed carry permit and I am armed.

Live in a Gun-Hostile State?

Some of you may live in states where gun permits are prohibited.  Consider what other options you have.   Can you at least get some pepper spray?  A pocket knife?  Anything to make you less of an easy target?

Avoiding the Crime

Start by trying to prevent the incident.  Always be aware of your surroundings.  Know where people are in relation to you and keep an eye out for avenues of escape when in places that you feel uncomfortable.  Make eye contact with people who make you uneasy and don’t hesitate to keep a physical object between you.  If someone is not “acting right,” tell them outright not to get any closer.

Anyone who won’t respect that probably means you harm.  Run if you can.  Be prepared to defend yourself with any means necessary if you can’t.

As long as we are on the topic of getting a perpetrator to back off, it is important that if you are attacked that you fight for all you are worth until he/she falls down or runs away.  You do NOT want to just anger your assailant.  He needs to be incapacitated if you are going to escape.  This would be a time when  a pistol puts the odds in your favor.

How would I carry a pistol?

Ladies, there are products available to allow you to carry a pistol at all times without it being obvious or in the way.  One way is a holster that you wear under your clothes.  Another is a purse with a secret compartment.  I have one that allows me to put my hand right on the grip of the pistol without anyone knowing I even have it.  As I walk across a dark parking lot, I can be ready to defend myself if necessary.  In fact, I could just shoot right through my purse, not even taking the time to pull it out if I had to.  Consider these options please.

Getting a Concealed Carry Permit

Each state has its own rules for getting a permit, so you will have to do a little research.  In many states, you register for a handgun safety course, take a written test, and then show proficiency on the range.  I highly recommend it.

Then the other necessary part is to be comfortable shooting your pistol.  Know how hard you must pull the trigger for it to fire.  Do some target practice and get reasonably good.  And then practice every few months to stay reasonably good.

Don’t you have something to protect?  If no one else, how about yourself?

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12 Comments on “Ready, Aim, FIRE: Ladies, Get Proficient in Shooting”

  1. Jarhead Survivor Says:

    Good post! Mrs Jarhead has a pistol that she used to carry all the time when she was hiking alone with her dogs. (Labs – not much in the way of protection, but great dogs.) She showed it a couple of times and the guy(s) backed off. Smart, because she’s an outstanding shot with pistol and rifle – she gets a deer just about every year with her rifle – and will not hesitate to shoot if forced into it.

    You also talk about situational awareness although you don’t call it that. Very important for survival no matter what environment you live in. I’ve read many statistics where people get attacked simply because they weren’t paying attention or didn’t think the other person would really hurt them.

    I’m glad you listened to Joe and your sister – it sounds like they love you and want to take care of you.



  2. If It Hits The Fan Says:

    Great post! A friend who is an Air Marshal (and thus, extremely skilled with the handgun) recently asked on Facebook if he should teach his wife to shoot. Many of our friends jokingly suggested that he should be sure not to get her mad at him if he did. I said she should learn how to shoot, but that he should not teach her. I said there is a Proverb that says something like, “A prophet has no honor in his own home.”


  3. Laura Says:


    I am glad they gently persuaded me to give this issue more thought. And now I am glad I have this skill. Before, I was very afraid that an attacker would sense my hesitation and unease and take my pistol from me (and use it against me). Now that I am a pretty good shot and feel comfortable with my weapon, I know that I would not hesitate to defend myself or the kids. Good for your wife with her hunting skills. I still haven’t hunted, but I’ve helped to field dress Joe’s deer and “processed” lots of chickens. Do I get a few points for that?

    Fan Man,

    You are probably right that it would be better for him not to be the teacher. Joe and I almost didn’t get married after he tried to teach me to play racquetball! 🙂 I did take the state course for my concealed carry permit and it was good info. When I’m not pregnant, I try to practice on our home range every few months to stay proficient.



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