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The Outdoor Pharmacy, part 3 – Mullein

October 19, 2011


white mullein

As a youth and young adult, I became interested in environmental and nature-related things. Somewhere along the way, I began to read bits and pieces about “herbal remedies” and such things. I was a product of the 20th century, though, so I shook my head, smiled, and clucked my tongue at such crude treatments. I have a much different viewpoint now.

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Vinegar: The Solution for Almost Every Problem

October 11, 2011


prepping for teotwawki with vinegar

If you have a television and ever turn it on, you are inundated with ads for new & improved household cleaners and “wonderdrugs.”  This one will really deep clean and that one will prevent a pesky build-up, and it hardly matters whether we’re talking about ovens or arteries. I eye all those commercials with skepticism […]

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Where the Wild Things Are, part 3 (Maypops)

October 5, 2011


Maypops as a survival food

Never heard of a maypop?  How about a passionflower? Well, in many areas of the US, there is a wild fruit in season and ready to harvest.  You may have seen it and never realized it was an edible plant. What is it like? Passiflora incarnata is a very common “weed” and a North American […]

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Tea for Good Health

September 28, 2011


tea as a survival drink

Now that fall has arrived, steaming mugs of tea are ever more attractive to me.  I enjoy tea in different forms throughout the year, but hot teas on chilly days hold a special appeal. The Definition of Tea Most people use the term “tea” generically to mean a drink produced by pouring hot water over […]

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