Cheering Up the Womenfolk

September 16, 2011

Family, Morale Boosters

Ever heard the expression, “If Mama aint’ happy, ain’t nobody happy”?  Well, there is probably a little truth to that.  Mom is often the glue that holds things together, the one who carries out a lot of the daily drudgework, and is often looked to to “make it all better.”

Cheering up women with roses

That is an important role that most of us mothers gladly embrace, but even in the best of times, ladies need a pick-me-up occasionally.  How much more may we need it during hard times?  It would be nice to plan ahead for some simple things that may perk up the ladies in your life when things are tough.

The Basics

I’m not a high maintenance type.  I don’t even blow-dry my hair, but I do want to feel that I look presentable.  For me, that does mean some basic make-up and some choices for what I can do with my hair (ponytail, bun, or barrette- pretty basic).

To continue to do these things will take some stocking-up.  Hair elastics break (actually, I’m pretty sure most of ours go into the same black hole where pens and pencils and odd socks go), make-up gets used up, and so on.  We need to think ahead to those things that make us feel comfortable and “normal.”

The Perks

Next, we need to take it a step further and set aside some treats that will serve to boost morale when things get hard.  For the woman (or women- like Grandma, daughters, etc) in your life, what would that be?

  1. Does she have a hobby (like knitting)?  Set aside supplies (like some special yarn).
  2. decorative candles Does she need to feel “girly”?  How about storing some unopened nail polishes, files, etc or maybe ribbons and special hair items?
  3. Is she a fan of perfume?  How about some scented powder or lotion?
  4. Does she love flowers?  Store some flower seeds or plant perennials now.
  5. Does she enjoy soaking in the tub?  Get some bubble bath and good skin cream.
  6. Is she a fan of candles?  They are a good item for the prepper anyway, so be sure to set aside some in her favorite scents.
  7. Does she enjoy cooking?  Consider some non-electric items that may prove to be very handy and appreciated (like a French-fry cutter, an apple peeler/slicer, or rotary egg beater).
  8. Is she a jewelry lover?  Maybe a jewelry making kit with sparkly crystals would really perk her up and appeal to her creative side.

You know your loved ones.  Just give a little extra thought and observation to how you can show your affection for them and prepare accordingly.  We often think in terms of the best value for the money or whether we can justify something “frivolous.”

While I would not forego urgent things to pile up bows and high heels, this is one thing that is important to have some of simply because it will be special.  You will want to give her birthday gifts and the like, so consider acquiring these items as “avoiding the shopping rush” and investments in your loved ones.

What other items do you think would be good to store as morale boosters for women?

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17 Comments on “Cheering Up the Womenfolk”

  1. Barbara Simkins Says:

    You forgot one of the most important items for women…..chocolate!


  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks for bringing that up!

    Actually, it wasn’t that I forgot it, it’s more than I’m not sure what form to suggest storing it in that will keep for long. I need to do more research. Chocolate syrup may keep a while, as would hot chocolate mix. But that’s not really what I would crave. It may help, though.

    Any suggestions?


  3. Sunflower Says:

    For the girly purposes you described I have added:

    Pretty hair clips,
    Favorite toothpaste,
    Breathe mints
    Nice underwear (still need to add)
    Hair coloring
    Foundation makeup (extra in Freig)
    Unique spice (Curry, Cumin)
    Greek olives (need to add more again)
    Baby Powder


  4. Laura Says:

    Good thoughts, Sunflower! Thanks.


  5. SurvivalWoman Says:

    How about those small samples of beauty items that you can get for free at Sephora or Nordstrom? I have done this in reverse: gone to both of those stores and told the clerks I was putting together a goody bag of men’s colognes and grooming items for Survival Husband so that he could pick and choose those that he wanted to purchase for daily use. The friendly sales clerks have gone overboard in giving me stuff.

    Of course common courtesy dictates that you make a small purchase as well but that is not a requirement.

    Everyone loves a little grab bag of samples! Great topic, Laura.

    — Gaye


    • Laura Says:

      Great suggestions, Gaye! I hadn’t even thought about all the sample items you could collect for free at stores, maybe because it’s been a while since I’ve been in a mall.

      And now that I think about it, what about conventions? Joe has brought home branded give-away items from the things he’s attended. Those usually go to the kids (screaming monkeys, bouncy balls, frisbees…), but depending on the topic of the conference, there should be other types of things available.

      Thanks for mentioning that!


  6. Jarhead Survivor Says:

    Mrs Jarhead loves flowers, so making her happy is pretty easy. On special events I send roses to her place of work as she loves to be surprised when the flower guy shows up. Yesterday I bought her a dozen roses as a way of saying thanks for taking care of everything house and kid related for a week or two while I converted a shed to a sauna. It’s not easy dealing with a newborn and a two-year old as I’m sure you’re aware!


    • Laura Says:

      You are a wise man, Jarhead! A friend once told me that when her husband picked her up from the hospital after the 3rd child was born, he said he thought he’d drop them all off at the house and go play golf. That did not go over well.

      Yes, she no doubt had her hands full. Feeding and diapering a newborn can feel like a full-time job. Our firstborn was particularly time intensive. I remember calculating that with as long as he nursed each feeding (and the unbelievable frequency of his feedings!), I spent 10 hours a day on just infant care for several months. Thank goodness he was the first and there was no other little one to look after yet!

      On the up side, he was very healthy and sturdy (doubled his weight within a few months and was 20 lbs before he turned 1). He was in daycare after my maternity leave and he was the only one in his class not to be hospitalized when he got the RSV going around.

      Hope all is well with you all!


  7. athriftynickel Says:

    All of these are such great suggestion! things we as women always seem to put last on the stuff first ,hubby second and use last.. in hard times we need to have something even if small we enjoy!


  8. MKEgal Says:

    On my list of nonessential things to have on hand simply to help me feel human:
    Nail file, nail polish, skin cream / lotion, lip balm, cologne, shampoo & conditioner (!!!).
    Perhaps a bottle of sweet spirits, Frangelico, Bailey’s, etc. & a few bottles of beer.
    And definitely chocolate. I suggest Hershey kisses or mini bars, a container of frosting, Dove bites. Chocolate covered cherries.



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