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Book Review: The Road Home by Andrew Baze

March 2, 2012


Disaster in the Pacific Northwest

A massive earthquake strikes at the heart of the Pacific Northwest leaving the authorities and emergency systems completely overwhelmed in its aftermath. Roads are destroyed, families are separated, and criminals are on the prowl. If you think that has become fairly typical story line for the ever growing TEOTWAWKI genre of books, you’re right. There’s […]

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Book Review: The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

February 22, 2012


ham radio as a survival skill

“Whoa, I don’t even understand some of these questions. I’ve got a long way to go.” Those words echoed through my mind as I thumbed through the question pool for the Ham Radio Technicians License for the first time. The Ham Radio License The Technician Class license is the first of three License classes available to […]

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Book Review: What Came After

February 10, 2012


what are pesticides doing to our bodies

Sam Winston’s novel What Came After is a different type of post-collapse story.  It is set around 2050 and only the old-timers remember the world the way it was “before.”  The United States has devolved into only 3 categories of people- Ownership, Management, and the “generics.” Ownership is made up of the ultra-rich, mostly those […]

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Book Review: The Raggedy Edge

January 19, 2012


a country church

In keeping with my recent theme, a few weeks ago I downloaded another apocalyptic novel, The Raggedy Edge by Michael S. Turnlund.  It was an interesting, though not ground-breaking story.  A middle class family of 4 realizes they must flee their small city to the nearby rural town after the electrical grid goes down without […]

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Book Review: Apocalypse Law

December 20, 2011


Apocalypse Law review

I have been tearing through books lately and I can’t get enough survivalist fiction these days.  About a week ago, I finished another one that I thought our blog readers may enjoy. Apocalypse Law is set in north Florida.  It is winter and this is the third severe one in a row with snow regularly […]

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Book Review: World Made by Hand

December 2, 2011


A collapse back to the horse and buggy days

A couple of days ago, I finished another “doomer” novel that I really enjoyed.  It’s by James Howard Kunstler and is titled World Made by Hand.  It takes place in New York state at some time in the near future. The exact cause or causes for the 1900’s style of living the people maintain is […]

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Book Reviews: Novels by Jacqueline Druga

November 15, 2011


Book review of Druga books

I’ve been in an “apocolypse” phase in my reading lately.  Although I have interspersed some things on natural healing, plant identification, essential oils, and a story about making it through the Depression, I’ve mostly been drawn to survivalist themes.  Not long ago, I read Surviving the Fog by Stan Morris, which was interesting, and then […]

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Book Review: Lucifer’s Hammer

November 4, 2011


lucifers hammer causing teotwawki

A comet streaks toward Earth at blinding speed. At first scientists say that we’ll have a brilliant view of an extraordinary site, a once in a lifetime chance to see and study one of the oldest pieces of our solar system. As it comes closer, the scientific community is fascinated by the event, never giving credence to those […]

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Book Review: Patriots by James Wesley Rawles

July 28, 2011


America’s spending habits have grown increasingly worrisome to many in recent years. Voices of concern have continually risen from individuals within the United States and from governments around the world. Unfortunately these concerns have fallen on the collective deaf ears of Congress who, seeking re-election, focus on short-term successes rather than longer term fiscal responsibility. […]

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Book Review: Desperate Times by Nicholas Antinozzi

July 19, 2011


As one who likes to think through every scenario and plan accordingly, I gravitate towards books that offer mental bones to chew on, even if they are fiction.  Just because something hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. I enjoyed Lights Out by David Crawford and the Last Light series by Terri Blackstock […]

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