Skills Every Man Should Know?

May 14, 2012


Is fishing a skill men should have?

Recently, while doing some research, I stumbled upon an article by Esquire magazine. I normally don’t read Esquire. It’s not that I have anything in particular against the magazine, rather I have precious little time to devote to reading and I’ve found other magazines and sources of information that are more inline with my world view and interests.

Nevertheless, I took notice of the name of the article: 25 Skills Every Man Should Know. That got my attention. I wondered what the writers and editors of a mainstream magazine like Esquire believe that every man should know. So, I clicked on the link and shuffled through the article. There are 26 pages, one short page devoted to each skill.

Manly Skills?

I was surprised that the first skill mentioned in the article is how to skin a moose. An interesting choice. Moose inhabit a relatively small portion of the U.S. and I’d wager that most men, particularly those who subscribe to Esquire, have never even seen a moose in the wild. But ok, I can see this one I suppose. Knowing how to skin a moose could certainly be helpful. If you can skin a moose, a whitetail or mule deer would be much the same and probably a lot easier. I personally don’t know. I’ve never skinned a moose but I have skinned many deer.

The writer also included how to fell a tree, filet a fish, and carve a turkey. Not bad.

The other suggested skills advocated by the writer were a bit less applicable for many preppers and survivalist. They included: getting a busy bartender’s attention, betting on horses, and buying a woman clothing among others.  I’d hazard a guess that, although they may make a man seem suave or debonair in New York today, these skills will have zero value when/if times get tough.

One the whole, most of the 25 skills considered vital by the author of the article will be completely useless in a post-TEOTWAWKI world. But then, I honestly didn’t expect otherwise. Most people in America these days are more concerned with American Idol than they are with having a way to purify water. They’d rather see the season finale of Survivor than to learn how to actually be a survivor.

But at least that article started with skinning a moose. I’ll give him that.

So what say you? What are the most important skills every man (and woman) should have?

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21 Comments on “Skills Every Man Should Know?”

  1. Stan Morris Says:

    Thanks for the post. This was funny. Not all the hicks in the US live in Appalachia. Many live in Manhattan.


  2. poormansprepper Says:


    The skill every man should have?

    Common Sense, not really a skill per se’ but still invaluable. If more people simply had common sense the world would be a better place.



  3. Albvs Says:

    1) how to build temporary shelter in a variety of terrain, 2) how to get safe drinking water no matter where you are, 3) how to stay warm outdoors at night, 4) how to make a fire without a Bic lighter, 5) how to make cordage from the things around you, 6) how to make rope, 7) how to make simple stone tools, 8) how to gather safe food to eat from your surroundings, 9) how to plant and raise corn, 10) how to bridle/saddle a horse, 11) how to hitch up a horse to a plow or a buggy, 12) how to make a bow and arrows without power tools, 13) how to accurately shoot a bow, 14) how to dress a deer, 15) how to process hides and sinew, 16) how to make hide glue, 17) how to wire 12V batteries, 18) how to wire 110VAC, 19) how to use a voltmeter, 20) how to cook food and make bread, 21) how to safely store food away from animals, 22) how to use firearms and to care for them, 23) how to fight hand-to-hand and remove a gun/knife from your attacker, 24) how to syphon liquids, 25) how to navigate using a compass and topographical maps.

    I could probably add another twenty-five to the list but I guess that’s good enough for now.


  4. Smitty Says:

    Many “manly” skills cross over in survival situations. The “Getting a busy bartender’s attention” could come in handy if you need to get a busy doctor’s attention at a first aid station…


  5. Pete Says:

    How to use DUCT TAPE!


  6. Devon Says:

    1.common sense. to hunt and butcher. to homestead. to use some sort of weapon with proficiency.


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