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Quote of the Week: Rand on Reality

November 12, 2011


You can avoid reality but not its consequences

“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” ~ Ayn Rand

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Five of Our Favorites from the First 200

November 11, 2011


5 matches

Yesterday marked out 200th post and we marked the event by highlighting the five most popular posts that we’ve written. While Laura and I work hard to make sure that each post that we publish is worth reading, there are a few that really stand out in our minds as being special to us. And […]

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A Mini Milestone: Our Most Popular Posts

November 10, 2011


hoping for the best but preparing for the worst

On the one hand, it still seems like yesterday when Laura and I first discussed sharing our beliefs about preparing for the future with our friends and family through a web site. Yet, on the other hand it seems like we’ve been living this lifestyle and sharing our experiences for many years now. Our goals […]

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New Uses for Newspaper

November 3, 2011


Using newspaper as a prepper

Preparedness-minded folks need to keep an eye out for how common items can be re-purposed to be helpful in other ways.  It helps us to think creatively to solve problems, but it has other perks as well.  If you can reduce your trash output, that is handy because someday disposal may not be as easy […]

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Specializing vs Cross-training

October 7, 2011


crossing training or specializing?

You have probably noticed that Joe and I tend to write about different topics.  What interests me the most, I absorb more quickly, have a greater depth of knowledge, and am more passionate to share with others.  The same is true for Joe.  Our complementary hobbies have given us the opportunities to focus on different […]

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Preparing for Loss (now or in TEOTWAWKI)

October 4, 2011


prepping for a loss in the the family

Recently, we had an anniversary that no one wants to remember.  Six years ago, I delivered a stillborn baby.  He was our second son and we grieved as all parents would. There was nothing evidently wrong with our dear child and the doctors had no explanation for his death.  This side of heaven, we will […]

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Shelf-Life: What Do Expiration Dates Really Mean?

September 30, 2011


What do food expiration dates mean?

You’ve probably noticed that nearly every food has a date on it these days.  It may say “use by,” “freshest before,” “expiration,” or “best by,” but essentially you get the impression that most grocery items won’t do you much good for long-term storage. Is there a maximum amount we can store? One of my main […]

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Do We Have What It Takes to Survive TEOTWAWKI?

September 22, 2011


surviving post teotwawki

“If things really fall apart as you say, and I don’t think they will, I’ll just live off the land. You know hunt and gather. Who knows, it’ll probably even be fun. You know, getting back to the way things once were. It’ll certainly be better than my 9 to 5 job.” It’s in Our […]

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The Prepper’s Vehicle

September 14, 2011


The Ultimate Preppers Vehicle

Preppers always try to anticipate the needs they may have in any situation and plan accordingly.  It may seem obvious, but that should go for your mode of transportation too. The Bug-Out Vehicle Your personal transportation in the case of emergency travel is often referred to as a “bug-out vehicle.”  For some, this would be […]

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The Get-Home Car Kit

September 7, 2011


get home kit for you vehicle

If you have begun considering different scenarios that you may want to prepare for, it has probably occurred to you that some may begin while you are away from home.  For most of us, our first priority is going to be getting back to that refuge of safety.  It’s possible, especially if home is in […]

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