Five of Our Favorites from the First 200

November 11, 2011

Getting Started, Prepper Mindset

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Yesterday marked out 200th post and we marked the event by highlighting the five most popular posts that we’ve written.

While Laura and I work hard to make sure that each post that we publish is worth reading, there are a few that really stand out in our minds as being special to us. And despite not making the Top 5 list, these are some of our favorites. These are in no particular order.

Three Things Required For Any Survival Situation

The tools to survive any situationIf you were to suddenly find yourself in a survival situation, what would you need to make it through?

You may be tempted to immediately answer with “a good knife, a way to make a fire, and some cordage” or something like that. And that’s a very reasonable and considered response.

Others may want to ask some clarifying questions. “What is the scenario? Woodlands or desert? Arctic or swampland?” Ahh, good observation. Where you are helps to determine your immediate needs.

Practicing Your Survival Skills

practicing your survival skillsAs anyone who has learned to ride a bicycle will tell you, there’s more to learning a new skill than just mentally understanding how something is supposed to work. I can mentally learn how to ride a bicycle and that will help to some extent, but until I actually get on the bike and learn to pedal I only have a theoretical idea of how it’s suppose to work.

I may understand how to do 100 push ups, but until I practice and improve I cannot do 100 push ups. The same is true for shooting a rifle, tying a knot, and starting a fire.

Specializing vs Cross-training

crossing training or specializing?You have probably noticed that Joe and I tend to write about different topics.  What interests me the most, I absorb more quickly, have a greater depth of knowledge, and am more passionate to share with others.  The same is true for Joe.  Our complementary hobbies have given us the opportunities to focus on different things.

If you want to know about pressure canning soup or have a question about why your chicken laid an egg without a shell, I’d be the one more likely to be able to help you.  If you want to know the comparative differences between a Ruger LCP .380 and a Kel-tec, you’d better ask Joe.  I carry the former, am a competent shot with it, but I had to get it out and look at it to remember what model it was- it’s just “not my thing.”

How to Be a Good Refugee

Can you be a good refugee?You’ve been reading this site (and others) and you’ve heard the alarming reports in the news, but you’ve been busy and just couldn’t seem to get started in your preparedness.  Or, you’ve taken some concrete steps (you have a rain barrel to collect water and you’ve started buying extra non-perishables each month) but you live in the city and now it’s too dangerous to stay.  You’ve got to get out.

Being Thrifty in the Wilderness

Wooded Trail Whether scarce or abundant, it is always a good practice to conserve resources. Making the most of every asset is part of the prepper’s creed.

This is important in every area of prepping: the beans, the bullets, and the band-aids. The longer our supplies last, the better off we’ll be. It’ll cost less in the good times and our cupboards will remain full longer in times of adversity.

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