Handy Knots: The Figure of Eight Knot

June 25, 2012


Tying a figure of eight knot

Sometimes you need a good stopper knot.

A stopper knot is used to prevent slippage along a rope. Often it’s used when threading a rope through a grommet in a tarp or another similar hole, but it can also be used in other scenarios as well. Creating a rope ladder or a set of hand holds can be done with a stopper knot. It’s commonly used in climbing and sailing activities.

The most common and well known of the stopper knots is the simple overhand knot but it’s not a particularly good knot when compared to the figure of eight knot.

How to Tie a Figure of Eight Knot

To tie a figure of eight knot:

Step 1. Make a bight in the tag end of the rope. Recall that a bight is bending the rope into a U-shape.

Step 2. Bring the tag end across the top of the standing end of the rope.

Step 3. Wrap the end around the standing end so that it goes behind it and around to the other side.

Step 4. take the end of the rope and pull it through the loop that was created in step 2.

Step 5. Pull the slack out of the knot to cinch it down snugly.

Here’s a short video to demonstrate the figure of eight knot.


Have you used the figure of eight knot? 

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4 Comments on “Handy Knots: The Figure of Eight Knot”

  1. Jarhead Survivor Says:

    I use this knot as to lock my seat when I’m climbing. Good knot to know.



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    Handy Knots: The Figure of Eight Knot |

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