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The Get-Home Car Kit

September 7, 2011


get home kit for you vehicle

If you have begun considering different scenarios that you may want to prepare for, it has probably occurred to you that some may begin while you are away from home.  For most of us, our first priority is going to be getting back to that refuge of safety.  It’s possible, especially if home is in […]

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How to Be a Good Refugee

August 4, 2011


Can you be a good refugee?

You’ve been reading this site (and others) and you’ve heard the alarming reports in the news, but you’ve been busy and just couldn’t seem to get started in your preparedness.  Or, you’ve taken some concrete steps (you have a rain barrel to collect water and you’ve started buying extra non-perishables each month) but you live […]

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Stock Up On Staple Items Without The Tax

August 2, 2011

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Many states offer a “tax-free weekend” in early August to encourage people to get out and spend money.  In our state, it usually covers all things associated with “back to school.”  In addition, stores are vying with each other for our dollars so there are many big sales to accompany the tax holiday. I take […]

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Preparing for Babies During Bad Times

May 18, 2011


This topic really has two facets.  There is the pregnancy and delivery of babies and then there is caring for them afterward.  I’ve given birth to 6 babies almost entirely without drugs or medical intervention, so on the one hand, I have a little experience.  On the other hand, I’ve never delivered anyone else’s baby. […]

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