Stock Up On Staple Items Without The Tax

Many states offer a “tax-free weekend” in early August to encourage people to get out and spend money.  In our state, it usually covers all things associated with “back to school.”  In addition, stores are vying with each other for our dollars so there are many big sales to accompany the tax holiday.

I take advantage of this to stock up on a year’s supply of socks, underwear, jeans, T-shirts, pencils, paper, and so on.  Computers are often included if under a certain dollar figure.  Check out this website and see if your state is included.  If not but you live near a bordering state that does, it may be worth your while to drive a bit out of your way for the savings.

Another interesting list I came across gives the approximate times you may expect certain things to go on sale.  As a child, I remember seeing advertisements on television for White Sales with joyful ladies snapping out sheets onto beds and wondering what the two had to do with each other.

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