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What to Do When Politicians Infringe on Your Liberties?

September 24, 2012


The Morning After Pill

“Have you seen what schools in New York are doing now?” That’s what Laura asked from our kitchen this morning. I walked into the room with her and she pointed to the television where a short segment on the morning news was just going off. The New York City Department of Education has decided to […]

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Happy Labor Day!

September 3, 2012


Labor Day 2012

This Labor Day I’d encourage you to mix a little prepping in with your holiday plans. I’m not suggesting all worry and no play. Not at all. I’m suggesting that you have fun while practicing your prepping skills.

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Obama, Romney. It Makes No Difference to Me

August 27, 2012


The U.S. flag

I may catch some flack for this post from many in the prepper community. I hope you won’t stop reading at the title and will follow through to hear my rationale. The Two-Party System As the Republican National Convention gears up this week in Tampa, Florida, the Romney/Ryan ticket is positioning this November’s election as […]

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The Summer Olympics – Prepper Edition

August 15, 2012


Summer Olympics for the Prepper

As preppers, we train our minds by learning new skills. We prepare for the future by purchasing items now that we may need later. We get in shape so that we can handle the physical demands that may be around the corner.

So what if there was an Olympics for us, the preppers of the world?

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A Time to Stop and Think about Survival

August 10, 2012


Who are the great thinkers of history? Aristotle. Newton. DaVinci. These names quickly come to mind. There were many, many others as well. Some names we may recognize. Others may have been forgotten by history. Still throughout the ages, men and women have challenged conventional wisdom and have thought deeply about the questions that consumed […]

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Freedom for Sale

August 9, 2012


Are we slowly selling away our freedoms?

“Giving up freedom is the only way to save money.” That’s the final statement from a recent National Public Radio (NPR) segment on auto insurance entitled “Car Insurers Eye Driving Skills To Set Prices.” It’s a staggering statement, one that sends a shiver down your spine if you value the personal freedoms that America’s founding […]

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Should Genetically Engineered Crops be Labelled?

July 5, 2012


Are those potato chips made from GMO crops?

“A high-stakes food fight in California is getting more heated. A proposal to require labeling of foods with genetically engineered ingredients has qualified to appear on the state ballot Nov. 6.” The outcome of the vote, according to a recent USAToday article by Elizabeth Weise, could be different than the similar initiatives that failed in […]

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We Would Do Well to Read Our Founding Documents

July 4, 2012


declaration of independence

As we celebrate this Fourth of July holiday with a nice bar-b-que lunch, some time on the water with our friends and family, and an evening of fireworks symbolizing the rockets red glare during our nation’s struggle for freedom from a oppressive government, we would do we to read what our founding documents actually declared. […]

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Casting Call for a Prepper/Survival Show

June 11, 2012


The last family on earth?

Laura and I were recently contacted by Jacqueline Topacio, the casting producer for Pilgrim Studios. Jacqueline is looking for prepping families who may be interested in competing in a Survivor-style show.  In Jacqueline’s own words: I’m a casting producer for a new television show about families that are preparing for any kind of global disaster. SPIKE TV […]

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Some Gave Their Tomorrows

May 28, 2012

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Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, spend some time reflecting on and giving thanks to those men and women who serve our great country, who have fought and died for our freedoms, who give their tomorrows so that we may have ours. Thank you.

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