Friday Five for January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

Friday Five


Much of this week’s mainstream media focused on the Presidential Inauguration on Monday, however for the aware prepper there were a lot of other interesting things to take note of. Here’s this week’s Friday Five from PreppingToSurvive: NASA says that astroid will come very close but won’t hit the earth, ammo shortage affects local governments but not DHS, using charcoal for first aid, global flu pandemic could through the world into a deep recession, and a Georgia mom protects herself and kids from an intruder before the police can arrive to help.

Charcoal for First Aid? You bet!

medicinal charcoalThe avid prepper is resourceful and sees important uses for items that many people treat as trash. For example, the prepper sees as meal whereas other people see a weed. The same is true for charcoal. Many people view it as simply the natural by-product of a fire. The prepper knows that it has medicinal value as well. From PrepperIdeas.

Georgia Mom Shoots Mugger, Saves Self & Kids

home invasionThere have been many heartbreaking tragedies over the past couple of years involving handguns. Now more than ever, the nation is taking a hard look at their availability. But let’s not forget the other side of the story. How many lives have been saved by responsible gun owners? Here’s an example: a Georgia mother protected herself and family before the police could arrive. From NY Daily News.

Global Flu Pandemic Could Trigger Recession

flu pandemicThey say that bad things happen in three’s. This winter, it may only take two things to disrupt life as we know it. With an usually bad flu season underway, many businesses and governments are worried that the toil will not only be measured in illnesses or deaths, but there will be a financial price to pay as well. One that could send the world economies into a death spiral. From Reuters.

Astroid Will Miss Barely Miss Earth in 2029

meteor craterNot long ago, Apophis, a 350 yard wide astroid, passed within 9 million miles of our planet. That was close enough to have officials and scientists a little worried about the possible effects to communications and tides. The next time around, it’s going to be closer, much closer. In 2029, NASA predicts it will come within 19,400 miles of earth with a one in a million chance of colliding with us. From USAToday.

Ammo Shortage Affects Police but not Homeland Security

ammo shortageHave you been a big box or sporting goods store recently to look for ammunition? Chances are the shelves are close to bare. Ammo has been back ordered from suppliers and manufacturers. Since the U.S. Presidential election, guns and ammunition have been selling like hotcakes. This combined with recent orders placed by the Department of Homeland Security have causes a shortage, affecting local police and sheriff departments. From WND.

That’s what we’re reading this week. What about you? What have you found interesting? 

One Comment on “Friday Five for January 25, 2013”

  1. Ollie Buckley Says:

    The police don’t have to protect you! Here’s something else. During the research for my first book, I was shocked to learn that the police have no legally enforceable duty to protect any individual from criminals. If an attacker broke into your home and you frantically dialed 911, and the police were too late (or never showed up) to prevent the tragedy, you could not sue them and win.


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