Joe’s Prepping Diary: 05/31/2012

May 31, 2012

Prepping Diary

Laura baked homemade bread again last night. When she bakes, it’s a twofer. The wonderful aroma wafts through the house and I get to eat fresh baked bread. The smell is better than any candle and the bread is better than from the store.

This morning, I poured honey from my aunt’s beehive over a couple of slices for breakfast. Wow, what a way to start the day! My youngest daughter joined me for breakfast. She had a couple of slices of bread with pear preserves that her grandmother had made for us.

When we all went out to do the farm chores, there were no eggs in one of the chicken tractors. You’ve heard of an egg-sucking dog? We have egg-eating chickens. It’s a nasty habit that they develop sometimes. I’m not aware of a reliable way to cure them of this habit. So, they will become productive and contribute to our farm in another way.

You’ve heard the story about the man eating eggs and bacon for breakfast? Afterward he comments “The chicken contributed to this wonderful breakfast. But that hog? He was committed to it.” Well, these chickens of ours have just volunteered to up their contribution to a commitment.

The older two kids took turns mowing portions of the yard today. They used to love doing that. Now, the novelty has worn off and it’s another chore.

The cows stand at the edge of the pasture with bated breath when they mow. They know that the sound of the mower means that a few bags of grass clippings will soon be tossed over the fence to them. I guess it’s kind alike a government dole for them. Some times I think that I should just cut out the middleman and fence the yard; let the cows cut and eat it themselves.

This afternoon, Laura had an appointment with her midwife. Everything is progressing along nicely. Won’t be long now.

10 Comments on “Joe’s Prepping Diary: 05/31/2012”

  1. George Says:

    and a good day was had by all. Like to read these.


  2. Christy Says:

    Thanks for sharing, George.


  3. Practical Parsimony Says:

    I was convinced my new hen was eating eggs…until I saw the rat snake. Now, I am sure it is a snake. I don’t know how to trap or kill it. I am not afraid of him, just cannot keep it out of the chain link pen.


    • George Says:

      If you can see it doing it then you need a long stick with a loop that you can control. get the snake to get it’s head in there and tighten the noose. put it into a bucket, burlap bag, etc and move it a long way away from the hens. if you can pin it to the ground then you can pick it up carefully and put it in the bag etc. The snakes are important to the eco system as they eat more than just chicken eggs. Rats being one of them. they are opportunistic and will take an easy meal when they can get one.


      • Joe Says:

        Rat snakes aren’t poisonous so most any long utensil will work if you see the snake again. My favorite is a garden hoe. You can pull the snake out, using the hoe like a hook. Then you can either put the snake in a 5 gallon bucket to relocate it from your house, or you can “dispose” of it in another manner.

        A while back and at my kids’ request, we decided to try snake as a survival food. Here’s how it turned out:



  4. Ursula Haigh Says:

    My friend the chicken lady says that she doesn’t put ground up egg shells in their feed. She doesn’t want them to develop a taste for them or they will eat whole eggs.


    • Joe Says:

      Chickens need a source of calcium, otherwise their egg shells will become thin and break too easily. When that happens, they’ll begin eating the eggs and will develop a taste for it.

      We buy ground oyster shells and sprinkle some of that around for them. That seems to satisfy their need pretty well.

      Thanks for the comment Ursula.



  5. Audun Holvik Says:

    Nice to read your update. I have also baked bread this morning. Got up before six even if it is Saturday. My son will eat with me. I haven´t got a place to grow things yet, but I hope it´ll come soon.

    Audun Holvik, Boras Sweden


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