Joe’s Prepping Diary: 5/29/2012

May 29, 2012

Prepping Diary

Coming off of the holiday weekend, I had a pretty lazy start to the day despite waking up early. Since today is effectively a Monday, I didn’t want to jump into things too quickly.

After the kids awoke, I made breakfast. We had fried eggs sandwiches. They were delicious, if I do say so myself. I think the ingredients made the difference. The eggs were from our own free range chickens. The grease was from the hog that we raised and processed ourselves. The bread was some honey wheat bread that Laura made yesterday. Even the preserves that we used were homemade. The only things that weren’t homemade were the mayonnaise and the cheese.

Later in the day we fed the animals. Over the weekend, we’d moved the 6-week old chicks to an aging chicken tractor. We noticed this morning that they’d found a way to escape. We’d catch one and another would hop out just as fast. It was like the chicken hokey-pokey. We got some fencing materials and put an end to that. It was funny to watch them all gather around the one corner where the open had been, still looking for it.

While feeding the animals, one of my daughters and I found a few Wood Sorrel plants that we hadn’t noticed before. We had a yummy, slightly lemony snack. Good stuff, that Wood Sorrel.

Late this afternoon, right before dinner, I started putting a coat of primer on the walls of the building that sits atop of the root cellar. I ran out of primer about halfway through painting the walls. Boy, drywall really is dry. It’s like a sponge. I’m going to have to go into town sometime in the next few days anyway, I’ll get another couple of gallons of primer so I can finish the job.

Finished the day reading for pleasure.

3 Comments on “Joe’s Prepping Diary: 5/29/2012”

  1. Practical Parsimony Says:

    I never had mayo or cheese on a fried egg sandwich, just egg and bacon on buttered toast. I can just see the chicks looking for the hole!


  2. Jeff Lantis Says:

    It sounds good to me


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