Book Review: Dust by Jackie Druga

April 10, 2012

Nuclear Disaster

nuclear war

The following article has been contributed by fellow prepper Barbara Billig, author of “The Nuclear Catastrophe”. It has been published with permission of the author. It does not necessarily represent the views of

DUST by Jackie Druga

This fiction novel is based on an occurrence that hopefully will never happen – nuclear missiles unexpectedly hitting the United States. The people portrayed in the novel have no time to prepare. Families are split, relatives are lost, death and destruction occur. But throughout it all, the persistent theme of survival remains.

dust by drugaJackie Druga is an excellent writer. She has a long string of books that have done very well. She has made this story into a page turner. Once you start it you will have a hard time putting it down. There are twists to the plot and things move briskly. Her characters are very real people, and a charming three year old is included. She has put much thought into this story. I even commented to her that I couldn’t believe some of the things she thought of – that I hadn’t when I wrote my “nuclear catastrophe” book.

Besides the story of the novel, the disaster and the survival techniques, there is a factual basis running throughout. During the cold war era, bomb shelters were built and schools had survival drills. When Russia crumbled under the weight of communism we thought war was behind us and all would be well. However, we know now that the threat of attack will always be here in today’s world. So, just to see what these people do to survive is lesson we should all be aware of. I recommend reading this book for entertainment and for being prepared to survive the unexpected.

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