Laura’s Prepping Diary- 10/24/11

October 24, 2011

Prepping Diary

Things have become increasingly hectic around here and yet even more time has gotten by and I haven’t been able to visit other blogs or even write anything recently.  (I typically write 7 or 8 posts in row late one weekend night- especially those in a series, then a few more later that week, and so on as time allows.  We queue up the posts and Joe finds great pictures and shuffles the order to provide variety in topics).

The last month has been overwhelming on several fronts.  We feel the urgency to complete (or even begin!) some important projects like our root cellar, homeschooling has been extremely challenging, some of our flocks/herds have needed thinning, and on top of it all, illness just won’t seem to leave us long.

We tend to be pretty healthy people overall, but the last month has been a doozy.  Joe dodged the pinkeye, but not an awful head cold.  He is now finally on the mend from a terrible bug that he brought home from a business trip.  It became a sinus infection that nearly knocked him off his feet.  I’m trailing a few days behind him with it, struggling to keep all the balls in the air since there is no time for lying in bed with school and childcare etc to do.  Now that I’m on antibiotics too, I hope to improve soon.

In the midst of this, we’ve needed to rearrange the use of our “chicken tractors” to better protect the animals we intend to keep through the winter.  That necessitated “processing” our Bourbon Red turkeys and then putting them to good use.  At least if this task had to come in the midst of our terrible colds, turkey soup is good for what ailed us.  And we have 28 quarts of it now!  More about that sometime in the future.

If I have been negligent in replying to comments (especially to MillenniumFly, who has so kindly shared thoughts on several pieces), please forgive me.  I hope we will all be healthy and less distracted soon.

Well, “lunch break and recess” is over, so I have to end things here.  I look forward to catching up on the blogs I’ve missed.  Hope you are all well and making strides in your preparedness.


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