Laura’s Prepping Diary- 9/26/11

September 26, 2011

Prepping Diary

Those you of you subscribe may have realized that we had a “publishing glitch” today and the usual installment was delayed.  That also meant that it went out without quite all it was supposed to have.

I had taken a number of pictures of the persimmon trees and fruit to include with the post, but the photos did not get downloaded, etc.

So, here you have them.

I am terrible at placing pictures (you can thank Joe for all the nice photos we usually have).  Notice the healthy poison ivy vines on the trees.  Always keep an eye out for things like that when foraging.  I avoided them but came in with at least 75 chigger bites (25 of which are around my left ankle), trying to get good photos of persimmons and maypops (the next in the series).

Ah, the lengths I will go to for you…  🙂

A close-up of the bark.

Three persimmon trees growing in a cluster

A few fruits still on the tree.

Wild persimmon with calyx still attached

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