Joe’s Prepping Diary: 09/09/2011

September 9, 2011

Prepping Diary

I received an email overnight. “Your order has shipped!” Those are always exciting to receive. It’s not that I’m a shopaholic, far from it, but when it’s prepping supplies that are on their way, I get excited. I’m looking forward to receiving the new .308 magazines and red-dot scope for the Saiga.

I met with my Men’s Group for breakfast and fellowship this morning. We had a great discussion about end times and the Book of Revelation. Very interesting stuff.

Later in the day, I had lunch with a fellow prepper; it’s the first time we’d have a chance to get together in person. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. I expect I learn more from him over time as we continue exchanging experiences and perspectives.

The rain we’ve had recently has finally sunk in and the grass needed mowing is a few places. My oldest daughter volunteered for the job. She doesn’t mind riding the mower. The only problem was that it had been so long since we needed to use it that two of the tires had gone flat. One had a tube, no problem. The second didn’t have a tube and the seal between the tire and the wheel had broken loose. I put a tie down strap around it to widen out the tire and close the gap where air was escaping. After a few minutes of working with it, I got it inflated as well. Cows were happy to get the grass clippings.

I heard a noise as I was walking across the yard. When I looked I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – the geese were nibbling the seat off of my youngest daughter’s bicycle! I shooed them away, but damage has been done. Fortunately my daughter doesn’t seem to mind. I think the geese are the goats understudy. They play the annoying part very well.

Before dark, my oldest son and I went out back and sighted in the new scope on the .22. I still want to confirm it on another day when I’m not rushed for time, but I think it’ll shave a squirrel at 50 yards now. Gotta like that, especially during squirrel season. Or maybe the next time the geese go after a bicycle seat.

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