Prepping Diary: 09/07/2011

September 7, 2011

Prepping Diary

As I was feeding the animals this morning, I noticed that the temporary hog pen needed some minor repairs. I found some spare wire and fixed it so that Ollie, our hog, would remain safe and sound in his abode. This temporary pen only has to last another couple of months, until it has cooled off enough to put Ollie in his new home (aka the freezer).

During my lunch break, I went to a used sporting goods store and found a couple of items that will make good Christmas presents. Laura and I really like getting the majority, if not all, of our Christmas shopping done early. The reason is two-fold. First it helps to spread out the outgoing expenditures over a longer time period; good for budgeting and cash flow. And second, it allows us to enjoy Christmastime all the more since we’re not running around in a panic trying to figure out what to get for whom. The first year we did this, we actually went to a shopping mall to watch all the other panicked people rush around. My how we’ve changed. I would get anywhere near a shopping mall now days, much less from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

After dinner, I detached the 25 year old pellet gun scope from the .22 calibre rifle and attached the new scope. It was too dark to sight it in by the time I got it ready; I’ll have to do that another day. It shouldn’t take very long now that the vertical adjustments will work.

I also I spent some time reviewing some training materials for a Water Rescue class I’m teaching soon. It’s a good course with hands-on exercises for rescuing distressed swimmers and drowning victims. Of the 8 hours of training, 7 are spent in the water. One hour of hands-on training is worth a day in the classroom work in my opinion.

Going to bed to read some more Lucifer’s Hammer and then to sleep.


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