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Using Chlorine Bleach to Disinfect Water

December 15, 2011


using chlorine to purify pond water

As Joe has noted several times in previous posts, the human body does not last long without water.  So much of our body is composed of it and it facilitates so many biological processes that we must have a pretty steady and generous supply of it for good health. Storing and Collecting Water Storing a […]

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Handy Knots: The Double Sheet Bend

December 8, 2011


Knowing how to tie a knot is important

Cordage has 1,001 uses around the prepper’s homestead and bug out location. And for the survivor, it’s even more important, ranking right up there with other critical supplies like a knife, a firesteel, and a container for purifying water. Cordage can be used for securing a load or fashioning a backpack, for making a sleeping […]

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Soap Making, part 1

December 5, 2011


Soapmaking as a homesteading skill

For quite some time, my friend Melissa and I have been trying to arrange a soap making class with another friend who is already well-practiced.  The week before Thanksgiving, we finally managed to find a time when we could all meet. Why make my own soap? There are actually several reasons why you may want […]

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Slingshots: For the Small Boy in Us All

November 18, 2011


Using a slingshot, not just for kids

In days of old young boys ran free through streets and fields wielding their home made slingshots with the expertise and precision of diminutive archers. Plunking and plinking tin cans and small game, alas it seems those days are over, or are they?

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Plugging a Flat Tire

November 9, 2011


Plugging a flat tire

“Why are our tires magnets?” That was the first thought that came to my mind as I walked outside to see yet another flat tire on one of our vehicles. It seems that there must be an irresistible attraction between the steel belted radials on our vehicles and any sharp, pointy object that can pierce […]

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