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Lessons from The End of Marking Time by CJ West

June 8, 2012


Are you being watched?

Are you being tracked at this very moment? Are you sure? Would you bet your life on it? The End of Marking Time That’s the premise of The End of Marking Time by CJ West. The book takes place four years into the future. During those four years, the world has changed. Significantly. The US […]

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The Best Guns to Own for Home Security

May 22, 2012


choosing a weapon

When it comes to protecting your family and home from would be intruders, one area to focus on in regard to home defense is owning a weapon. And choosing the right weapon to protect your loved ones is a serious responsibility, one that should be carefully researched.

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Beware of Internet Hoaxes

May 21, 2012


Telling secrets

“This can’t be! Can it?” Those were my thoughts when I read an email that someone sent me recently. It obviously gave me great cause for concern. The email described how, over the past few years, a company called The Freedom Group was slowly and quietly buying one gun manufacturer after another. The collection of […]

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My Best Survival Products, Part 3

May 18, 2012



When you are actually in a survival situation, you will need weapons for defending your family and for providing fresh food. There are fiscal and physical limits to how much you can make or buy and store. Even if you have enough provisions to survive the first year, how will you get through the next, and subsequent years?

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Letting the Police Know that You Have a Concealed Weapon

April 23, 2012


routine traffic stop

For several years now, I’ve read Massad Ayoob’s Firearms articles in Backwoods Home Magazine. His articles provide good insight into weapons for those seeking a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Recent articles include Affordable Firearms, Tailoring Guns to Females, and Cold Weather Shooting Considerations. If you’re not familiar with Massad Ayoob, he’s pretty well known in the […]

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Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

April 4, 2012


defending your home from a break in

You awake with a sudden jerk. Did you hear something? Was it glass breaking or were you dreaming? Silence. Maybe your mind was playing tricks on you. No! There it was again! You did hear something! Someone is trying to get into your house! What to do? You quickly but quietly leap from the bed. […]

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Please Burglarize Me!

March 8, 2012


unlocked door

Think back to grade school or middle school for a minute. Do you remember the “Kick Me!” prank? You know, the one where you tried to subtly affix a sign to the back of a friend that said “Kick Me!” and had an arrow pointing to the unsuspecting person’s rear end? The joke seldom, if […]

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5 Home Security Measures that Don’t Need Electricity

February 6, 2012


How secure is your home?

You don’t want to think about it, but there may come a time when you need to protect your home and won’t have access to the power grid. When that day comes, you’ll need to do everything you can to keep home invaders, burglars, and others who would seek to do you harm at bay.

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Spring Fatigue: Should I Store Magazines Fully Loaded?

February 3, 2012


ammo magazine

Ok, you’ve decided that buying a handgun for personal and home defense is a good idea. (I’ll leave the discussion about the best weapon for home defense to another post.) You’ve taken the necessary training, you’ve practiced at the range, and you’ve attended the requisite Concealed Carry Permit course and passed the test. Now you […]

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The Benefits of a Root Cellar

December 13, 2011


The many benefits of a root cellar

We have been reading and planning and saving for a root cellar for years now.  This has been an important part of our long-range plan for food security.  About a week ago, we finally broke ground on it and we are really looking forward to its completion.  (The kids are most excited about the huge […]

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