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Eating A Snake

September 1, 2011


My youngest daughter reached into the nesting box to collect the day’s eggs as she had done many times before. It’s a routine that she enjoys, helping Mommy collect the eggs. Yet this time was different. She abruptly withdrew her hand with a startled shriek. “I don’t want to touch the snake!” Fortunately Laura was with […]

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Backyard Chickens, part 13 (Or “Where did my chickens go?”)

August 15, 2011


As you wash the breakfast dishes, you look out the window and watch the chickens scratching for their morning bugs and weed seeds.  It’s a nice sight- a pretty flock of chickens doing what God intended them to.  But wait- yesterday you had 12 hens and now you only have 10. Predators When we first […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 12 (Or “NOW where are the eggs?”)

July 25, 2011


You thought you had solved your egg hunt problem, but they are starting to go missing again.  You can’t find any “rogue hens” nesting in the bushes.  What’s going on? Egg Thieves We have 2 big lovable mutts (that scare the pants off strangers and delivery people) that are incurable “egg-sucking dawgs” as country folk […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 11 (or “We Have An Egg Hunt Every Day”)

June 27, 2011


So, you’ve got a nice flock of chickens on your homestead, but a couple of problems have cropped up.  What do you do now?  In the next few installments, I’ll try to address some of them and share what we’ve learned and tried. The Chickens Don’t Lay Where I Want Them To. Sometimes I Can’t […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 10 (Or What To Do With All Those Eggs)

June 20, 2011


You built your coop, you’ve lovingly fed your little cluckers for 5 months, and finally, your patience pays off!  The first egg! If you are fortunate, it is a complete, intact egg.  (First attempts are occasionally a bit clumsy, with no shell- pretty cool to see, though- or oddly shaped).  You will remember and celebrate […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 9 (or How to Store Eggs)

June 13, 2011


Your chicks have finally come of age and the “henfruit” starts to show up.  Now, where do you put it? We are all familiar with the refrigerated case at our local grocery stores.  In it, we find the meat, milk, OJ, and eggs (and mingled in there are those whump-out-of-a-can-biscuits and EZ Cheez, but let’s […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 8

June 6, 2011


Should I get a rooster? The icon of the rooster atop a fencepost crowing for all he’s worth is part of that “farmy” image a lot of us have in our minds.  Don’t all “farmers” have roosters to tell them when to get up? It turns out that a lot of those ideas are folklore rather […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 7

May 31, 2011


In the previous installment, I addressed allowing a broody hen to set fertile eggs and then mother the resulting chicks.  There are times when that won’t work, though. Hens are usually not triggered to broodiness until the weather warms up and the number of daylight hours increase in the spring.  If that doesn’t fit your […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 6

May 23, 2011


In previous postings, I’ve explained how you can start your flock by purchasing a ready-made one of “pullets at the point of lay” and also how you can purchase “day-olds” and raise them from chicks. Now I would like to address the first of two ways you can start with eggs- hatching them with a […]

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Backyard Chickens, Part 5

May 16, 2011


One option for starting a flock of chickens is by getting chicks by U.S. mail.  There are a number of excellent hatcheries that will ship directly to you.  One of the great things about this is that you can choose exactly what breed(s) you want and the date you want them.  The downside is that […]

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